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    You bought it to work . . . now get year 'round yardpower

    Look beyond tomorrow's mowing time . . . look ahead, to the time you'll demand full utility from your tractor. Not only to mow, but to work gardens and grounds, aerate lawns . . . haul, push, load . . . spray . . . pick up clippings and prunings, control weeds, move away snow.

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    10" MOLDBOARD PLOW . . . turns over soil' and sod, covers weeds, crop trash, field residue. Leaves the surface lumpy to slow down water run-off and wind erosion. Adjustable draft control. Rolling coulter slices through ground cover for clean cut furrows. 42" AND 48" ROTARY MOWERS . . . three blade overlapping design. Deep dock generates large volume of air for broader discharge of clippings and mulch.  Reduces chance for clogging and inside build-up because of extra mixing action. Screw adjustment has, infinite height settings within 1-5/8 to 3-1/8 inches. Mower attaches directly to tractor's front axle (inset) using front wheels to sense up and down and side-to-side lawn variations. Full-width rear rollers plus short tractor wheelbase reduce scalping to practically nothing. 1/2-TON DUMP CART . . . hauls up to 10 cubic feet all around the house . . . wood, dirt, fertilizer, compost, top dressings, plantings . . . and dumps full load without unhitching. Heavy steel body. 4.80 x 4.00 x 8 pneumatic tires.
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    sickle-bar.jpg (75459 bytes)

    46" SICKLE-BAR MOWER . . . center mounted for over-the-bar visibility and easier gauging of switchboard travel and clearance. Free floating suspension. Hand lift. Open face guards for clean cutting in tough, rank growth. Self-cleaning, eliminates build-up. Unit cuts below and above horizontal.
    46" ANGLE DOZER BLADE ... great for pushing things around -- from dirt to snow to backfilling in light soil conditions. You set angle from the tractor seat as you go . . . up to 30 degrees. Adjustable skid shoes let you skin the surface on gravel drives. Almost 12 inches of vertical clearance in raised position.

    angle_dozer.jpg (74245 bytes)

    grader_blade.jpg (65223 bytes)

    42" CENTER-POSITIONED GRADER BLADE . . . angles right and left up to 30 degrees. One half inch high carbon steel 8" high . . . sized to take a full cut below grade level. Hitch frame attaches to front axle hook-up points. Center positioning gives you an over-view of your work . . . ideal for leveling and smoothing bumpy areas.
    VACUUM COLLECTOR . . . dump cart and cart cover and adaptor make a pick-up unit out of your mower. Cleans up lawn clippings and leaves . . . vacuums your lawn as you would your carpet. Or to reduce bag-handling and burning chores. Optional roving nozzle cleans under shrubs, around plantings, along foundations and in window wells.

    vac_cart.jpg (77506 bytes)

    spring_clips.jpg (40732 bytes)

    SPRING CLIP PINS . . . let you change attachments in a matter of minutes. Safety pin latch m pin can't bounce out. No tools, no complicated hitches. PTO delivers engine power to front, center and rear mounted attachments . . . which means you have full range yardpower the year 'round.

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    sweeper_tiller.jpg (49077 bytes)

    36" ROTARY TILLER . . . overlapping tines work up a thoroughly mixed and crumbled seedbed . . . or work the soil between crop rows. Aggressiveness of tilling action depends on ground speed and engine speed. Hand lift standard. Tine extensions optional. Enclosed ends and full-width rear skirt keep the action inside. 38" LAWN TRAILER SWEEPER . . . cleans up fast behind mowers and thatchers . . . gives you sit-down raking for autumn leaves. Replaceable polypropylene brushes . . . clean sweep grass or hard surface. 19-bushel basket dumps from tractor seat. Tubular steel frame . . . self-locking nuts.

    [Source: AC brochure, Building big ones has made our small ones better, 1974]

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