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    700 Series Attachments

    Power your way through the meanest drifts and the wettest snow with Allis-Chalmers 36" or 42" snow throwers!  Sturdy auger takes a yard-or-better bite, throws snow well over banks and build-ups.  Adjustable skid shoes enable you to clear even graveled areas quickly, cleanly. 

    Click each picture for a closer view 700_atch1_lg.jpg (17879 bytes)

    Dump cart and cart cover and adapter make a vacuum collector out of your mower -- and make leaf and trash pick-up a breeze.  Optional roving nozzle cleans under shrubs, around plantings, along foundations and in window wells

    700_atch2_lg.jpg (30018 bytes)

    New 38" heavy-duty tiller features slasher type tines of forged high carbon steel to tackle the toughest soil conditions.  Its right-side chain and sprocket drive produces heavy-duty power transfer for straight ahead tilling without trash build-up. 

    700_atch3_lg.jpg (27218 bytes)

    The overlapping tines of our 36" rotary tiller attachment work up a thoroughly mixed and crumbled seedbed...work soil between crop rows, too.

    700_atch4_lg.jpg (30215 bytes)

    10" moldboard plow turns over soil and sod, covers weeds, crop trash, field residues, leaves lumpy surface to slow water run-off and soil erosion. Rolling coulter slices through ground cover for clean-cut furrows. 

    700_atch5_lg.jpg (33637 bytes)

    46" angle dozer blade lets you set angle from the tractor seat as you go,  up to 30°.  Almost 12" of vertical clearance in raised position.  42" blade also available. 

    700_atch7_lg.jpg (33450 bytes)

    These 42" and 48" grass-tamers have three overlapping blades for a smooth even cut, with deep deck design whose extra large air volume helps assure broader discharge of clippings and mulch.  Engineered for non-scalp mowing that follows ground contours -- with any desired height setting from 1-5/8" to 3-1/8".  

    700_atch6_lg.jpg (28352 bytes)

    Attachments Also Available:
    ¤  46" Sickle Bar Mower · 
    ¤  42" Center-Mounted Blade 
    ¤  Spring Tooth Harrow 
    ¤  Cultivator 
    ¤  Dump Cart
    ¤  540 rpm Power Take-Off 
    ¤  One-Point Sleeve Hitch
    ¤  31" and 38" Trailer Sweeper 
    ¤  Electric Lift
    ¤  Rear Lift · 
    ¤  Dual Lift Lever 
    ¤  Hourmeter
    ¤  Front and Rear Wheel Weights
    ¤  Electric Spout Rotator for Snow Thrower
    ¤  Rear Work Light
    ¤  Rear Wheel Tire Chains
    ¤  Hub Caps
    ¤  Cab

    [Source:  1977 AC Brochure:  Allis-Chalmers the Beautiful Difference In Lawn and Garden Tractors, Form No. 1222-OP-76, courtesy of John Boesch]

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