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  • Introduction to Late 700 Series


    This section is based on the 1977 AC catalog, and illustrates most of the Late 700 series models.  See also the 718H section for that even later 700 series . . . .




    Click each picture for a closer view. 

    AC Model 716

    AC Model 710

    AC Model 712



    The Beautiful Difference!  It's more than sheer good looks . . . and a lot more than skin deep!  It's the way Allis-Chalmers lawn and garden tractors do their job . . . the zip-ahead combination of ruggedness, utility and unsurpassed ease of servicing that goes for you season after season.  And keeps you saying to yourself:  "Man, that's beautiful!"

    It begins with 10, 12 and 16 hp power choices.  With three transmission options to put that power to work for you just the way you want.

    There's the butter-smooth hydrostatic transmission on our 712 and 716.  Delivers all the control you need for variable speed and forward/reverse changes without ever having to clutch.  Or the 12 hp shuttle drive: semi-automatic transmission through four forward ranges and instant reverse with single-lever control.  These transmissions make it easier to maneuver in those tight areas around fences or between buildings.

    There's our new 716 six-speed, with a sliding spur gear transmission providing three gear ratios and two speed ranges for six forward speeds, plus two in reverse  -- the same transmission as found on our 10 hp 710.  And it provides excellent ground speed control for all duties.



    Our in-line engine-transmission power take-off design gives you front, center and rear power take-off capabilities.  Rear, to work with tillers and such . . . center, for mowing jobs...front, for tasks like snow throwing.  Attachments may be hooked up or removed easily with any one of the PTO points.  Attachments available for our 700 Series include dozer blades, plows, harrows, lawn vacuums, cultivators and dump carts.

    All to help you do a beautiful job of getting things done.


    [Source:  1977 AC Brochure:  Allis-Chalmers the Beautiful Difference In Lawn and Garden Tractors, Form No. 1222-OP-76, courtesy of John Boesch]

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