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    700 SERIES 
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    Direct in-line power transfer reduces vibration common to conventional drive systems. Bevel gear housing transfers power smoothly from drive shaft to transmission.  And it acts as rear and center PTO points. Exclusive belt power transfer puts a shock dampener between the engine gear box and transmission and differential reduces wear on gears, bearings and shafts.

    700_feature1.jpg (69347 bytes)

    Talk about accessibility!  Entire hood tilts up and out of tile way for easy access to engine and battery . . . seat deck tilts back for easy access to transmission.  Makes routine maintenance or servicing apple-pie simple.

    700_feature2.jpg (40217 bytes)

    Full length footrests reduce muscle fatigue and cramps common with stirrup-sized footrests. Stretch your legs out or sit up -- whatever feels best to you.  Open, no-skid surfaces are easy to clean.  Dense molded foam seat adjusts to 3 positions for total operator comfort.  Full width seat deck and fenders help protect against dirt and dust.

    700_feature3.jpg (30879 bytes)

    Conveniently grouped controls and large diameter steering wheel put you firmly in charge of the operation!  Biq 3-qalIon. capacity fuel tank lets you further between refills . . . top- of- the- hood filling with gas gauqe means easier filling plus handy visual check of fuel supply.  In addition to foot operated drum-and-band brake on transmission shaft, there's a cam lever parking brake that's hand operated and locks over center.

    700_feature4.jpg (34518 bytes)

    Turn-of the-key starting's as easy as in your car!  Special interlocks prevent accidental starting when either' the transmission or power take-off is engaged.  High capacity 12-volt battery and fully regulated charging system, too. 

    700_feature5.jpg (24880 bytes)

    Air-cooled cast iron Kohler engine is dynamically balanced horizontally and vertically to reduce vibration, enhance driver comfort . . . delivers good fuel economy, high torque and smooth operation.  Fast, positive starts are assured by compact magnet type starting motor and Kohler patented automatic compression release, plus 15 amp flywheel alternator to keep the battery fully charged. 

    700_feature6.jpg (36034 bytes)

    Sun down and the job still not finished?  Bright headlights mounted in the front grille help you keep going even during hours of darkness.  Standard on all 700 Series models. 

    700_feature7.jpg (27888 bytes)

    [Source:  1977 AC Brochure:  Allis-Chalmers the Beautiful Difference In Lawn and Garden Tractors, Form No. 1222-OP-76, courtesy of John Boesch]

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