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    Put more versatility into your power-plan

    These "add-ons" help you power through special work-load situations . . . help you meet varying surface conditions with ideal traction and safety. Wet, soft, loose, slick, the 720 goes to work more ways, on more days to give you a power-partner you're proud to own.

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    CHAINS add grip and go when traction conditions are soft or slick. Loaders, blades, snow throwers often can use the extra grab in snow, sand or wet areas. FRONT TIRE OPTIONS include three separate choices; turf (20 x 8.00-10) where primary use is lawn maintenance; high capacity (6.90/6.00-9) for use with front end loaders, blades, snow throwers; Ag (4.00-12) for open ground and field work. FRONT WEIGHTS  keep the front end down with heavy rear-mounted attachments in tow. Improves steering and control on the job.  Two weights  attach to front bumper.  Easy on, easy off.

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    FRONT TOW MOUNT . . . gives you head-on control of moving and positioning wide variety of vehicles . . . from boat trailers to aircraft. Hitch plates attach to side frames of tractor . . . reduce pressure on front axle and tires for light touch steering.

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    VINYL CAB . . . all-weather protection.  Two doors.  Solid top.  Attachment controls and hand lift lever extend well into cab interior.

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    HYDRAULIC RAM . . . two-way ram for up-front remote operation with snow blower or dozer blades.  Hooks to front access quick couplers.

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    FRONT BUMPER . . . protects the tractor grille and hydraulics when raising front end loader bucket over truck or trailer sides . . . lets you move up close for clean dumping.  Also provides mounting bracket for front weights.


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    REAR LIGHT . . . when you're rushed for time, and you need extra hours on the job, this rear, fender-mounted work light floods the hitch and work area to help you move right along with minimum drop in efficiency over daytime operation.

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    REAR TIRE OPTIONS . . . three selections to mix or match with front tire options; high flotation for difficult off-the-road traction conditions (31 x 15.5-15) . . . turf for lawn work and light landscaping (29 x 12.00-15) . . . Ag where ground working has the priority (8-16). 60 LB. REAR WHEEL WEIGHTS . . . add extra traction pressure for snow removal, open field work and front end loader work.  One-piece built on design . . . with slotted bolt entry for easy line-up and handling.


    [Source: AC brochure, Building big ones has made our small ones better, 1974]

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