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    720 tractor moves like a tractor half its size... delivers full-sized workpower

    We build our big one around total versatility.  To plow, disc, cultivate ... handle front end loaders, rear mounted tillers and center mounted mowers. Stuff with plenty of size, to handle big lawn and garden work in fast time.

    It has the frame beef and component weight, the power and versatility to be a fast working back-up unit for landscapers, municipalities and airports; the primary power for clean up work on construction and commercial contract jobs.

    So, if there's a less than 20 H.P. job to do around your place, our 720 qualifies in a lot of ways. Versatile ways.  

    Click each picture for a closer view

    720_left_lg.JPG (49346 bytes) 720_rt_lg,jpg.jpg (54484 bytes)
    · 19.5 H.P. two cyl. air-cooled engine
    · Hydrostatic drive w/oil cooler
    · 3-speed gear box
    · Electric starter--key controlled
    · Independent rear disc brakes
    · Oil pressure light
    · Transmission temp. warning light
    · Interlock safety start system
    · Front and rear PTO-with electric clutch
    · Hourmeter
    · Ammeter· Category O three-point hitch
    · Quick couplers for front hydraulic lines
    · 12-volt 45-ampere hour battery
    · Dual hydraulic lift valves for front, center and rear mounted attachments
    · Independently controlled front hydraulic lines

    720_dash.jpg (35073 bytes)
    Click for a closer view

    EASY-READER . . . what would you like to know -- oil temp. or pressure, hours on the job, throttle setting . . . amps, choke position, electric PTO clutch on/off position? It's all there on a non-glare surface.
    CUSHIONED RIDE . . . the adjustable seat is molded of soft-riding material . . . with a good-sized backrest. You sit between two high-rise fenders that lap over the wheels and shield you from dust and dirt.

    720_seat.jpg (27674 bytes)
    Click for a closer view

    720_engine.jpg (35492 bytes)
    Click for a closer view

    ENGINE . . . oversquare, twin cylinder design; cast-iron with positive rotating valves and replaceable stellite-faced inserts; side-draft carburetor with forced-air intake.
    CATEGORY 0 THREE POINT HITCH . . . standard equipment. Has both float and locked positions on the lift arms. Set it to give depth controlled implements free run of the land: lock it to add down pressure wherever extra "weight" is needed.

    720_3point.jpg (39926 bytes)
    Click for a closer view

    720_pedals.jpg (29736 bytes)
    Click for a closer view

    SUSPENDED PEDALS . . . you get full use of the full footrest . . . and convenient control. Individual rear disc brake pedals can be locked together for open work, or used separately in tight turn areas.
    POWER TAKE-OFFS . . . front and rear are both standard equipment and give the 720 power capability with just about any kind of attachment front, center or rear mounted. Electric clutches. Dash-mounted controls.

    720_ptos.jpg (36567 bytes)
    Click for a closer view

    720_drive.jpg (40555 bytes)
    Click for a closer view

    HYDROSTATIC DRIVE . . . works through three range transmission. Matches engine rpm's and horsepower to ground speed to deliver ideal implement performance on just about any job--from tilling sod to blowing away snow.  No clutching or braking--one lever handles all of the action instant forward, instant reverse. Charge pump delivers full hydrostatic and hydraulic power- no starving individual functions. Internal fluid lines, no high pressure oil leaks.

    [Source: AC brochure, Building big ones has made our small ones better, 1974]

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