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  • 720 Special Brochure


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    720 SPECIAL


    We build our big ones, the 720 and 720 Special, around total versatility. To plow, disc, cultivate, handle
    front-end loaders, rear mounted tillers and center mounted mowers. All of the rugged ground-working
    ability or a small agricultural tractor with the convenience. maneuverability and stability of a lawn and
    garden tractor. These are the all-season, all-purpose tractors for small acreage farming, large area mowing, industrial or commercial use, contract lawn care, and any other area in which durability, performance and convenience are required. The 720 Special shares the 720’s power and strength, but offers a lower price tag because the 3-point hitch and roar power take-off are optional rather than standard equipment.

    • 19½ hp horizontally opposed two-cylinder Onan engine with positive rotating valves and replaceable
      stellite-faced inserts, side-draft carburetor with forced air intake. Opposed-Cylinder balance minimizes vibration. Large muffler and alternate firing reduce noise.
    • Power take-offs, front and rear are standard on 720; rear PTO optional on 720 Special. Each is independently controlled by its own electric clutch from dash mounted controls. Provide power capability for all attachments.
    • Drop axle final drive. . . provides stability by providing a lower center of gravity than conventional tractors, with a full 15" of ground clearance at the front axle.
    • Hydrostatic drive. . . with unique coupling of hydrostatic unit and 3-speed-range sliding gear transaxle for speeds from 0 to 10.4 mph forward, 0 to 6.2 mph reverse. One lever handles all the action. Control lever locks in position taut releases instantly by squeezing the trigger. Instant forward. . . instant reverse.

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    • Rugged frame. . . of heavy gauge deep channel steel is full length and independent of engine. Maintains critical parts alignments.
    • Implement Changes... quick, easy connection to front frame, axle or rear drawbar. A front towing hitch helps move and position vehicles, boat trailers, aircraft.  Hitch plates attach to tractor side frames, category 0 3-point hitch (optional on 720 Special) can be set to give depth controlled implements free run of the land.  Individual screws Control attachment tilt.
    • Quick, easy serviceability. . . to engine, battery and clutch. Hood and grille unlatch and lift toward to expose engine and battery. Oil cooler pivots on hoses for access to clutch. Dip stick, oil drain and filter are readily accessible. Wrap-around section of dash can be removed to expose hydraulic control system.
    • Upper and lower frame covers unbolt — exposing clutch, drive shaft, hydrostatic unit and transmission.


    Specifications for Model 700 Front-End Loader

    (A) Height to bucket hinge pin (max) 86½" (2197 mm)
    (B) Reach @ maximum height, bucket dumped 23½" (597 mm)
    (C) Clearance, bucket dumped 69" (1753 mm)
    (D) Reach, bucket on ground 51½" (1308 mm)
    (E) Bucket rollback 8 degrees
    (F) Maximum dumping angle 43 degrees
    (G) Digging depth 3¼" (95 mm)
    (H) Reach from axle to bucket hinge pin 30" (762 mm)
    (I) Overall maximum height, raised 107½" (2730 mm)
      Lift capacity 650 lb (295.1 kg)
      Hydraulic system 1250 PSI (8616 kPa)
      48" bucket capacity 6.7 cu ft (0.19 cu m)


    [Source: AC Brochure, Form No 1254-OP-8003-R, courtesy of Matthew Snyder]

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