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    Briggs & Stratton 4 cycle, single cylinder, air cooled and synchro-balanced

    Horsepower (kW): 810GT 10-hp (7.5) 808GT 8-hp (6.0) (Engine Mfg. ratings)

    Fuel capacity 2.2 U.S. Gal. (8.3 litres).


    Key start, gear drive starter, 12 volt battery w/32 ampere-hour rating 808GT, 39 ampere-hour rating 810GT.


    Heavy duty gear drive transaxle, manual shift w/3 speeds forward and I reverse. Controlled traction with limited slip differential.


      810 GT
    Gear mph (km/h)
    1 1.00 (1.6) 
    2 2.5 (4.0) 
    3 3.9 (6.3) 
    Rev. 3.9 (6.3)
      808 GT
    Gear mph (km/h)
    1 0.9 (1.5)   
    2 2.3 (3.7)
    3 3.6 (5.8)
    Rev. 3.6 (5.8)


    Single pedal disengages clutch then applies brake. Foot actuated "Rock and Lock" park brake latch.


    808GT-18-9.50 x 8 rear, 15-6.00 x 6 front 
    810GT-20-8 x 10 rear, 15-6.00 x 6 front

    PTO drive 

    Single V-belt drive with clutching idler. Front, center and rear PTO capabilities.


    Height (max): 39" (991 mm) 808GT, 42" (1067 mm) 810GT 
    Length: 63.5" (1613 mm) 808GT, 64.5" (1638 mm) 810GT 
    Width: 35" (889 mm) 808GT, 33.5" (851 mm) 810GT 
    Wheelbase: 45.5" (1156 mm) 
    Turning Radius: 25" (635 mm) (inside of rear tire)

    Approx shipping weights 

    808GT w/36" mower - 520 lbs (236 kg) 
    810GT w/42" mower - 590 lbs (268 kq)

    Standard equipment

    Dual front headlights, balanced engine, tilt-up hood and seat deck, deluxe contour seat, mower lift lever, tool tray, ammeter, safety start interlock system with dash mounted indicator lights, drawbar hitch, 12-volt electric start.

    [Source:  1977 AC Brochure:  Allis-Chalmers the Beautiful Difference In Lawn and Garden Tractors, Form No. 1222-OP-76, courtesy of John Boesch]





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