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    Convenient Control Panel

    Push-button starter, ignition key switch, choke and throttle are all grouped on the control panel within easy reach.  The panel also has a large, easy-to-read ammeter.

    ** The combination fuel gauge and gas cap can be removed for filling fuel without removing tractor hood. A calibrated amperage meter for the tractor electrical system, key ignition switch and separate starter button provide starting safety.  New improved longer choke and throttle levers operate cables encased in neoprene covers for smooth, no-stick operation. The left hand implement lift handle is standard equipment.  Right hand combination clutch brake pedal operates like automotive controls.  A parking brake lock is provided.  A cutaway steering wheel provides extra operator room and permits unobstructed vision of the entire instrument panel. The gear shift is ahead of the seat for easy accessibility and shifting ease.


    Eight Gear Selections

    Optional "Hi-Lo" range transmission gives you eight gears to choose from. You can vary speed from 0.5 mph to 6.1 mph and still get full power at any throttle setting.
    Combination Clutch and Brake Pedal

    Pedal action is simple and smooth.  Push it half way, you disengage the clutch.  Continue to push it, you apply any degree of braking from a feather touch to full brake.  The pedal is located on the right, or "brake foot" side of the tractor where its operation immediately becomes second nature to any motorist.


    Finger Tip Hydraulic Control

    Hydraulic system lets you lift and lower even the heaviest implements with ease and accuracy.  Works with front center or rear-mounted tools . . . completely contained within a compartment in the tractor.  Manual implement control system is also available.
    Rear Implement Lift

    Hitch for rear-mounted implements is standard equipment.  High leverage ratio makes it easy to lift the implement for travel or adjust its height to conform to working requirements.

    [Sources:  (1) Brochure, Allis-Chalmers B-10/B-12 Lawn and Garden Tractors, OPE-1000, Oct 1966;
    (2) ** Allis-Chalmers Outdoor Power Equipment, Dealer Product Information, OPE-2008, Jan 67, courtesy of Del Allen]

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