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    Make life more enjoyable with an Allis-Chalmers "Bee."  It's a year round investment.  From spring garden work . . . to fall clean-up . . .  to winter snow removal,  there's a "Bee" attachment for every need.

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    One trip cleans your lawn with this vacuum collector.  Attached to the rotary mower and dump cart, it whisks up clippings, leaves and loose debris.  It normally holds about 26 bushels.

    ** This attachment is used with the 42" rotary mower and the dump cart.  Properly set and operated, the vacuum will remove over 90% of grass clippings and leaves.

    The tractor mower cuts and lifts materials.  The vacuum removes these materials from the mower exhaust area through an 8" tube to a PTO driven impeller.  The impeller or blower is 10" in diameter, has 1/4" steel blades and revolves at 1000 rpm.  The air blast on the exhaust side of the impeller carries the materials through a 6" tube into the canvas covered dump cart.  Capacity of the cart and canvas cover is 26 bushels of compressed material. It is emptied by removing the rear door and placing the cart in the dump position.  A knapped lining allows air to pass through the canvas cover while retaining dust.  The vacuum and mower are independently controlled by separate PTO clutches. (Optional 15-ft hose for cleaning out from under bushes, etc., will soon be made available.)

    vacuum_lg.jpg (71738 bytes)
    1,000-pound payload can be carted around easily with this rubber-tired dump cart.  Cart dumps easily and empties completely without disconnecting.

    ** All steel construction to carry a 1000-lb. payload or 7 cubic feet of material, struck capacity.  The tailgate may be used closed, hinged open to control spreading while dumping, or completely removed.  A spring release permits dumping to approximately 45° angle.  Reversing the tractor while cart is in the dump position will allow the cart body to turn over 180° for complete dumping.

    dump_cart_lg.jpg (60539 bytes)
    Mow 4-½ acres an hour at 5 mph with this big, five-gang mower. Ideal for parks, estates and other large, grassy areas, this trailer mower takes an eight-foot swath with sure cutting action. Three-gang mower also available.

    ** Two sizes are offered. A three gang unit cuts 60" and a five gang cuts 98". Up to six acres per hour may be cut with the hardened alloy steel blades. Five blades per gang are driven by wide flex tread (0 pressure) tires. These tires are designed for use on the finest turf. Fully flexible hitches allow each gang to hug the contour of the ground independent of the others. On the five gang unit, the two outer gangs may be removed by a single pin to permit access to smaller clearance areas.

    gang_mower_lg.jpg (73487 bytes)
    Cut up to 2 acres an hour with this big, rugged sickle bar.  Takes a 46-inch swath with ease.  A special spring trip mechanism allows the bar to swing back away from rocks and stumps, then return to cutting position.  No damage.

    ** This sickle bar has all the quality and features of farm and industrial mowers. It is quickly attached to the tractor. The cutter bar has serrated knives, protected by heavy-duty rock guards. A spring trip mechanism protects the mower from damage. Should it hit an obstruction, the cutter bar swings back from the line of motion. This disengages the power to the mower blade and it stops cutting. To reset, the tractor is simply backed up. The cable lifting mechanism allows the cutter bar to be raised by the Left Hand Implement Handle or the optional Right Hand Handle or hydraulic system. A counterbalance spring is employed to make mechanical raising effortless. The cutter bar is activated by the center PTO clutch.

    sickle_bar_lg.jpg (68407 bytes)
    Farm plowing performance is built right into the 10-inch moldboard plow.  You can turn gardens in short order.  Depth adjustments are simple with this free-floating and free-swinging plow.

    ** A hitch adapter is necessary to mount the plow to the tractor. The adapter allows free swing and free float while maintaining direct pull from the centerline of the tractor. A fully adjustable 10" coulter cuts clean furrow walls and plowing depth is set by the implement lift handle. Pitch and suck are adjusted by a turnbuckle above the plow beam. Replaceable plow share is attached to a wide angle frog, designed for moldboard maximum soil coverage.

    moldboard_lg.jpg (69913 bytes)
    Keep your garden weed free the easy way with this cultivator attachment.  Mounts to the tractor in seconds.  Choose either double-pointed teeth or sweeps

    ** The 42" tool bar is identical to the spring tooth harrow. Four staggered 8" sweeps and two skid shoes are mounted on the tool bar and are quickly adjusted. The center tool bar mounted to the front axle is 30" wide and has two double-pointed 1-1/2" shovels which may be spaced from 7-1/2" to 28" apart. Front and rear sections may both be raised with the standard lift handle or may be raised independently by adding the optional right hand lift handle to the tractor.

    cultivator_lg.jpg (74248 bytes)
    Smooth the seedbed with this spring tooth harrow.  Tines loosen and level the soil.  Spring mounting provides a vibrating action . . . helps break up lumps of dirt.  Adjustable shoes regulate depth.

    ** The spring tines provide a vibrating action to break up the soil. The tool bar is 42" wide and fully mounted on the tractor. Seven adjustable spring teeth are arranged in a staggered pattern plus two skid shoes to gauge depth from a minimum of 1-3/4" to 3" maximum. Transport clearance is 3".

    spring_tooth_lg.jpg (72848 bytes)
    Sweep walks and drives fast with this big, 48-inch wide, 26-inch diameter broom.*  Brushes snow up to 8 inches deep from any paved surface . . . removes leaves, thatch and grass clippings from the lawn . . . gives your house and grounds that final manicured look-all year round. broom_lg.jpg (73981 bytes)
    Name the material -- snow, gravel, topsoil -- snow plow-dozer blades will save you hours of back-breaking shovel work in any season.  The 15-1/2-inch high blades are available in 42 and 46-inch widths and can be angled right or left.

    ** Economy Dozer.  The dozer blade is front-mounted and gauged by the tractor wheels. The moldboard can be manually set in five positions by a pin in the A frame. Replaceable cutting edge and skid shoes for depth gauging are located on the bottom of the moldboard. Weight is 66 lbs. Dimensions: Blade width 42", moldboard height 15-1/2"

    blade_lg.jpg (54442 bytes)

    *  This equipment is not built by Allis-Chalmers, but it has been tested and approved for use with Allis-Chalmers tractors.  

    [Sources:  (1) Brochure, Allis-Chalmers B-10/B-12 Lawn and Garden Tractors, OPE-1000, Oct 1966;
    (2) ** Allis-Chalmers Outdoor Power Equipment, Dealer Product Information, OPE-2008, Jan 67, courtesy of Del Allen]

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