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    No Scalping




    taken your
    last scalp
    when you
    mow with
    a "Bee"

    You won't have to worry about "scalping" the high spots when you're mowing uneven ground with a "Bee".  As the tractor moves over rough ground, the front wheels guide the center-mounted rotary mower over all the contours.  Whatever the terrain, you're assured of a smooth, good-looking lawn with the exclusive "no scalp" mounted mower on a "Bee".

    This mower cuts to within 5/8" of obstructions on either side to eliminate much hand trimming.  It also adjusts easily to exact cutting height.  Note that the housing on the "Bee" mower is 6 inches deep.  This means you can cut through the heaviest growth without plugging. Some other tractor mowers have housings that are only 2 inches deep.

    [Source:  Brochure, Allis-Chalmers B-10/B-12 Lawn and Garden Tractors, OPE-1000, 66 10]

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