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    a busy Bee does it all . . .

    1.  "Once over lightly" cleans your lawn with this vacuum collector. Attach it to the mower and dump cart and it sucks up clippings, leaves and debris.  Holds about 26 bushels. 

    *** Vacuum Collector
    Used with rotary mowers and 1/2 ton dump cart. Eliminates hand raking by picking up clippings, leaves, etc. while you mow.  The vacuum is attached to the tractor drawbar and PTO driven.  A 10" vacuum impeller with 1/4" steel blades operates at 1000 RPM.  Clippings are carried to the impeller by vacuum through an 8" tube attached to the mower exhaust.  Air blast on the impeller outlet forces clippings through a 6" tube into a canvas cover supported by a frame into the dump cart.  The canvas has a knapped finish to retain dust inside.  Capacity of the cart with cover is 26 bushel. Clippings are compacted by the air blast. Remove the rear door and release the cart dump lever to empty.  An optional 15' hose for long reach vacuuming is available.  A longer drive belt is required for use on the B-112, and a special mower adapter for the 48 inch mower.

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    2. You can carry 1,000-lb. payload on this rubber-tired dump cart.  It dumps easily and empties completely without disconnecting.

    *** 1/2 Ton Dump Cart
    1000 lb. payload or 7 cu. ft. of material filled level. Tailgate hinges open to allow even spreading of materials when cart is "dumped". The cart is dumped by a spring loaded lever, from the tractor seat. The cart body will turn 180° to empty "sticky" materials by backing the tractor when the cart is in the normal dump position.


    3.  Five-gang mower lets you mow 4-1/2 acres an hour at 5 mph.  It's just right for parks, estates and other large lawn areas because it mows an 8-ft. path with a smooth cutting action. Three-gang models also available.

    *** Gang Reel Mowers
    Cut up to six acres per hour. Five hardened alloy steel blades are ground driven by the two wide Flex '0' pressure tires. Towing hitches for 3 or 5 units are fully flexible allowing each mower to hug the contour of the ground. Adjustable rollers and two position wheels for "fine" or "rough" cutting. Heavy rugged construction eliminates bouncing even at high speeds.

    atch_3.jpg (36120 bytes)


    atch_4.jpg (44565 bytes)

    4.  Cut up to 2 acres an hour with this big, tough-built sickle bar. Cuts a 46-in. wide swath. Special spring trip mechanism allows bar to swing back away from rocks and stumps -- prevents damage -- quickly returns to cutting position by backing up.

    46" Sickle Bar Mower
    Easy to install, easy to operate. Attaches to the front axle with two pins. A cable connects to the tractor lift handle and a counterbalance spring makes raising effortless. The cutter bar has serrated knives protected by heavy duty rock guards. The knife is bolt driven from the center PTO. A spring trip mechanism protects the mower and drive. It automatically releases the cutter bar when striking an obstruction. The bar trails back 45° and tension on the drive belt is released at the same time, stopping the knife. To reset, simply place the tractor in reverse and back up. A handy chain locks the cutter bar in an almost vertical position for transporting. Priced more than $50.00 under competitive sickles. A longer drive belt is required for use on the B-112. 


    5.  Ten-inch moldboard plow gives you farm plowing action to turn gardens quickly. Depth adjustments are simple and easy with this free-floating, free-swinging plow.

    *** 10" Moldboard Plow.
    The plow attaches to the drawbar and implement lift mechanism.  A hitch adapter allows free swing and float and is now standard equipment.  The fully adjustable 10" coulter cuts clean furrow walls and the big 10" moldboard turns the soil and covers trash completely. Pitch and suck adjustment is made by a simple turnbuckle.  Plow share is replaceable.

    atch_5.jpg (48525 bytes)


    atch_6.jpg (57626 bytes)

    6.  A weed-free garden is no trick with this two-section cultivator attachment.  It mounts to the tractor in seconds.  Your choice of either double-pointed teeth or sweeps.

    *** Two Section 42" Cultivator
    Fully mounted, both sections are lowered and raised by a single lift lever. They may be operated independently by adding a R.H. lift handle. The front section is attached to the front axle under the tractor and the rear is mounted on the drawbar and lift mechanism.  Four staggered 8" sweep shovels on the rear and two double pointed 1½" shovels in the front are standard equipment. Other sizes may be ordered through "parts".  Cultivator may be used in between rows or adjusted to "straddle" small plants.


    7.  A smooth seedbed is yours with this spring tooth harrow.  Seven tines loosen and level the soil.  Spring tines provide vibrating action to help to break up ground.  Adjustable shoes regulate depth.

    *** 42" Spring Tooth Harrow
    A tool bar is fully mounted on the tractor lift mechanism.  Seven spring times are arranged in a staggered pattern and gauged by two depth skid shoes.  Depth is adjustable from 1-3/4 to 3".  Vibrating action of the tines break up the soil.

    atch_7.jpg (56732 bytes)


    atch_8.jpg (43026 bytes)

    8.  Sweep walks, drives and patios off fast with this big 48-inch wide, 26-inch diameter broom.**   Handles snow up to 8-in. deep on any paved surface . . . sweeps leaves, twigs and clippings to give your home or business a clean, manicured look all year 'round.


    9.  Snow plow-dozer blades will handle snow, gravel or topsoil to save you backbreaking shovel work. The 15-1/2-inch high blades come in 42 and 46-in. widths and can be angled right or left.

    *** Economy Dozer Blade
    An inexpensive efficient blade for light grading or snow. Front mounted the blade can be set in five positions, two left, two right and straight. A manually removed pin looks the blade in position. A replaceable cutting edge is gauged by two mushroom skid shoes. Blade width is 42", height 15¼". Weight 66 lbs. A counterbalance weight is recommended to assist manual lift.

    Heavy Duty Dozer and Snow Plow
    For the bigger jobs a 46" dozer is offered.  This blade features a spring trip mechanism to prevent damage when striking hidden or immovable objects.  The five positions are set manually from the tractor seat by a latch released by a control rod, conveniently located on the right hand side of the tractor instrument panel. Replaceable cutting edge and skid shoes are standard equipment. Weight is 114 lbs

    atch_9.jpg (60626 bytes)


    atch_10.jpg (44633 bytes)

    10.  Generate electricity anywhere with a 1500 watt mobile generator. Great for normal usage or emergencies.  Rated at 115 volts, 113 amps.  Voltmeter and two outlets included.

    *** Mobile Generator
    Portable electric current is generated on this rear-mounted unit. Rated at 1500 watts, two 115-120-V lines may be used and a voltage meter makes it a simple matter to set proper PTO rpm.

    [Source: A-C Catalog, B-112 B-110 lawn and garden tractors, OPE-1047/681, 1968, courtesy of Dave Christensen]
    ***[Source: Allis Chalmers Outdoor Power Equipment, Riding Tractors and Implements Product Information, OPE-1041, exact date unknown, courtesy of Del Allen.]

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