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    the spirited one


    You'll really move on outdoor work with the B-110 all year 'round.  You can tackle the biggest landscaping job in spring . . . groom your lawn and garden like a professional in summer . . .  cleanup autumn leaves in one sweep. . . and whisk away snow like magic in winter.

    There's big-tractor comfort . .  reserve power . . . handy, easy-to-reach controls.  Implements go on and off quickly without tools -- operate with ease from the ,seat.

    If you take time to compare, you won't find more for your money. Get with the Spirited One and you'll be taking the first step toward the lawn and garden you daydream about.

    Click the picture for an even closer view.

    [Source: A-C Catalog, B-112 B-110 lawn and garden tractors, OPE-1047/681, 1968, courtesy of Dave Christensen]



    Click for a closer view

    Completely redesigned control center gives the operator maximum accessibility to all controls and instruments.

    On the left hand side is a new push pull throttle control and separate choke.

    A key ignition with push button starting provides safety.

    Calibrated ammeter is included as standard equipment.

    Gear shift lever is in full view within easy reach of the operator.

    Left hand implement lift handle, or optional hydraulic system provides easy lifting of implements to the transport position.

    The right hand combination brake-clutch pedal operated similar to automobiles with automatic transmission. The left foot is kept safely on the left rest pedal.

    A parking brake is provided as standard equipment.

    control_center.jpg (81475 bytes)

    Hi-Lo Transmission For B-110 Only 

    Optional transmission that provides 6 speeds forward, two reverse which reduces all standard speeds approximately one half and is recommended for operations such as roto-tilling, snow blowing, etc.

    (While operating engine at 3600 RPM) 
    With 6-1/2" pulley 
    1.6 mph in 1st 
    3.7 mph in 2nd 
    6.1 mph in 3rd
    3.1 mph in reverse

    With Hi-Low Speed Kit
    .53 mph in 1st
    1.23 mph in 2nd
    2.03 mph in 3rd
    1.03 mph in reverse

    two_speed.jpg (22020 bytes)

    [Source: Allis Chalmers Outdoor Power Equipment, Riding Tractors and Implements Product Information, OPE-1041, exact date unknown, courtesy of Del Allen.]

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