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    . . . what do you need to do?


    Click each picture for a closer view.

    11.   Blitz Fogger attachment** kills an acre of insects in 10 minutes. A thick cloud of dry fog seeps into every insect hiding place to clean out all crawling, flying pests .

    atch_11.jpg (58758 bytes)


    atch_12.jpg (25220 bytes)

    12.   A wide range of earthmoving chores can be handled with this Earthcavator.** Scraper does cut and fill jobs on new lawns. Blade can be rotated without leaving seat for backfilling. Additional rotation exposes heavy duty ripper teeth for scarifying hard-packed soil.


    13.   Aerate and stimulate root growth with this Gill Spiker.**  The 36-inch wide spiker drives 80 holes in the ground every roller rotation . . . prevents surface water run-off . . . loosens and prepares bare spots for seeding.

    atch_13.jpg (61727 bytes)


    atch_14.jpg (56993 bytes) 14.  Landscape and maintain grounds with the versatile York Rake.** Removes roots, stones, debris . . . spreads topsoil evenly and quickly.  Can be used straight or angled either right or left.  Optional grader blade attachment is available.


    15.   Big 36-inch wide roller attaches with just one pin.  It's light enough to store easily yet weighs 431 pounds when filled with water.   Perfect for compacting new seedbeds, new driveways.

    *** 36" Lawn Roller
    A versatile compacting tool. Firms seedbeds and restores root contact in lawns.  Rolls out the "humps" in established lawns.  Attaches to the tractor drawbar with a single pin.  A spring loaded scraper keeps the 12 gauge drum clean.  40 gallon water capacity. 

    atch_15.jpg (35104 bytes)


    atch_16.jpg (51335 bytes)

    16.   Contour grounds beautifully with this economical, center-mounted grader blade which angles either right or left.  Made of sturdy carbon steel a half-inch thick, this 42-inch blade is reversible for extra wear.

    *** Center Grader Blade
    Works just like a road grader.  Attached to front axle and gauged by front wheels. The blade may be used straight or angled left or right 40°.  The blade has a double cutting edge and may be reversed for double wear.  A must for landscape contractors!


    17.   Move 300 lbs. in a single bite with this hydraulic loader and bucket. Big 42-in. bucket has dumping height of 5 feet.  Bucket holds 4 cu. ft. Loader frame can be quickly and easily detached from a sub-frame to free tractor for other work.

    *** Front End Loader
    This versatile unit has 500 lbs. breakaway with capacity of 300 lbs. to a full 5-ft. height. The loader frame and 42" tread width bucket are hydraulically operated. A 1/2-gallon oil reservoir is built in the loader frame.  A gear pump is driven by a volt from the front tractor PTO directs this flow to the single-acting lift cylinders. The loader frame and complete hydraulic system are easily removed from the loader subframe to free the tractor for other uses.  Center and rear PTO implements may be used with the loader installed. Dual wheels and a counterweight box are recommended for maximum efficiency.

    atch_17.jpg (47172 bytes)


    atch_18.jpg (64029 bytes)

    18.   Cut trenches quickly -- even in frozen ground--with a "Groundsaw" attachment.**   Carbide teeth stay sharp even in hard digging.  Boom lowers and raises hydraulically. Hydrostatic drive absorbs shock loads. Choice of 2-1/4, 3 and 4-in. trench widths.


    19.   Earth auger digs holes fast . . . saves time and muscle when setting fence posts, planting trees, etc. Hole diameters range from 4 to 14 inches. Digs to depth of 48-in. 

    *** Post Hole Digger
    Auger sizes from 4" to 14" up to 30" depth. The hydraulic system and auger are driven from the front PTO. The pump is PTO driven from the front. The auger drives by a shaft and belts engaged by a PTO clutch. The auger is hydraulically raised and gravity lowered. The auger mast is adjustable for leveling fore and aft and side-to-side by two turn buckles. A counterweight box is standard equipment. Plain or serrated augers are available.

    atch_19.jpg (60092 bytes)


    atch_20.jpg (51486 bytes)

    20.   Handy Tow-Bee trailer. With 1200 pound payload, this trailer moves your tractor and all its attachments.  Ten ft., 10-in. non-slip steel deck and tilt bed lets you load and unload with ease.  Standard equipment includes tail lights, wiring, license bracket and hitch. Winch and tongue jack are optional. 

    Also available:  

    Hudson power sprayers**
    Planet Jr. seeders**
    Viking landscape tools**
    Lawn beauty spreaders**

    ** This equipment is not built by Allis-Chalmers, but it has been tested and approved for use with Allis-Chalmers tractors.

    [Source: A-C Catalog, B-112 B-110 lawn and garden tractors, OPE-1047/681, 1968, courtesy of Dave Christensen]
    ***[Source: Allis Chalmers Outdoor Power Equipment, Riding Tractors and Implements Product Information, OPE-1041, exact date unknown, courtesy of Del Allen.]

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