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    More Features

    Briggs & Stratton engines, built to Allis-Chalmers specifications, power both the B-112 and B-110. An exclusive dual spring governor instantly responds to engine demands for more power. The exclusive "Easy-Spin Start",  high tension magneto system and 12-volt starter-generator systems make these the fastest starting engines available. Stellite-faced exhaust valves and positive valve rotation double valve life. Other long-life features include front and rear shielded ball-bearings to withstand severe shock loads on full, push or power takeoff work . . . a highly efficient, no spill oil foam air cleaner. . . a low back-pressure muffler that keeps the engine quiet and waves power . . . dust sealed ignition system that develops a strong, hot spark even at low rpm. When you're ready to go . . . these engines are ready lo go even in cold weather.

    *"Easy-Spin Start" is a trademark of Briggs & Stratton

    Click each picture for a closer view.


    ** B-110
    Manufacturer's ratings - 10-hp at 3600 rpm; 3-1/16" bore; 3-1/4" stroke; 23.94 cubic inch displacement

    The engine features a rotating flywheel blower that forces air through the deep cooling fins on the close grained cast iron cylinder head and engine block. The crank shaft is made of heat-treated ductile iron with integral counterweights and camshaft drive gear. Crankshaft rotates on shielded ball bearings.

    The piston has chrome plated rings. Valves are made of forged austenitic steel, stellite faced, and have positive type rotators.

    Crankcase breather is vented through the "Oil-Foam" air cleaner and filtered through the polyurethane element. A dual spring governor, fully enclosed and running in oil, instantly responds to engine demands for more rpm. The exclusive "Easy Spin Start," high tension magneto system, and the 12-volt starter generator systems, combine their operations which result in the easiest starting engine available. Lubrication of the engine is accomplished with a simple efficient splash system. The muffler is of low back pressure design.

    Manufacturer's ratings - 12-hp at 3300 rpm; 3-7/16" bore; 3-1/4" stroke; 30.16 cubic inch displacement.

    The same quality features of the 10-hp engine are utilized in the 300421 engine plus the exclusive Synchro-Balanced Crankshaft. 
    Synchro-Balance is the tradename Briggs & Stratton uses for dynamic balancing. This is accomplished by gear driven counterweights on the outer sides of both the engine main bearings. These counterweights rotate opposite the direction of the crankshaft static weights. The result is smooth engine performance with 60% less vertical vibration and 85% less horizontal vibration.

    An excellent demonstration of this new smoothness is to place a glass of water on the hood of the B-112 tractor. Run the engine at full rpm. The water will splash on engines not having Synchro-Balance, while only rippling slightly on the 12-hp.

    feature_9.jpg (49111 bytes)

    Controlled traction lets you move through the slick, tough spots where others sit there and spin. A spur gear differential automatically transfers power from the wheel that slips to the wheel that grips and you keep on working.

    ** Controlled Traction: Controlled traction is the automatic transfer of power from one rear wheel to the other when traction is lost by the drive wheel on slippery surfaces.

    A differential is built into the right hand axle directly behind the wheel and is similar to the differential system found on most automobiles. This differential is factory adjusted by two bolts accessible from the outside of the right rear wheel.  Field adjustments can be made according to steps outlined in the operator manual.

    feature_10.jpg (50498 bytes)

    Big pneumatic rear tires give you a smooth, cushioned ride. What's equally important, their large ground contact area provides superior flotation, a minimum of compaction and maximum traction on soft ground.

    ** Model B-110 - 4.80 x 8 two ply front tires, 23-8.50 x 12 rear terra tires, provide maximum traction and flotation with damage to lawns. 
    16-6.50 x 8 front terra tires are optional.

    Model B-112 - 16-6.50 x 8 front terra tires and 23-8.50 x 12 rear terra tires as standard equipment. Maximum traction and flotation without lawn damage.

    Seat: The popular "arm chair" seat of the old B-10 has been retained in both the B-il0 and B-112. Added to the already popular item, the backrest has been widened for more operator comfort.  The seat is shock mounted on new one piece fender access cover.

    feature_11.jpg (45743 bytes)

    Combination clutch and brake pedal action is simple and smooth. Push it halfway and the clutch disengages- the rest of the way and you apply any degree of braking from feather touch to full stop. It's on the right side -- so it's natural for any motorist.

    ** Left hand implement lift handle, or optional hydraulic system provides easy lifting of implements to the transport position.   Right hand implement lift handle is optional, allowing the use of two implements at one time. The right hand combination brake-clutch pedal operated similar to automobiles with automatic transmission.  The left foot is kept safely on the left rest pedal.  A parking brake is provided as standard equipment.

    feature_12.jpg (69336 bytes)

    Fingertip hydraulic control lets you lift or lower the heaviest implements with ease and accuracy. Works with front, center or rear mounted implements. Optional on either B-110 or B-112, it replaces the standard hand lift.

    Click each picture for a closer view.

    Instant power response at all speeds with the exclusive dual spring governor that makes engine seem to anticipate sudden loads and respond instantly. Even at low rpm, the engine instantly responds to demand for more power.

    feature_13.jpg (47357 bytes)

    Easy access to engine exposes entire engine, gas tank and battery. All you do is remove four thumb screws and lift off the hood. The screws hold the hood securely in place to eliminate rattles.

    ** Console: The new no-glare console is the first thing your customers will see when they climb aboard the new B-il0 and B-112 tractors. The reasons for it are simple.

    It serves as an access door to the gas tank and battery. All in one place under the door so when the console is swung to the right the owner can check his fuel level and battery. Plus all the pertinent information for proper oil, tire pressure, gasoline requirement and maintenance schedule. A constant reminder for proper maintenance and service.

    The console also serves as a mounting attachment for the soon to be introduced options. More proper maintenance reminders to insure safe long unit life.  Newly designed hood and console can still be removed as one unit.

    feature_14.jpg (59256 bytes)

    Easy-to-see-fuel gauge right on the gas cap tells you exactly how much fuel you have -- no more guesswork or dangerous cap removal when the engine is hot. A new no-glare console swings back to expose fuel gauge and battery plus maintenance schedule and pertinent information on proper oil and tire pressure. No need to lift hood to fill gas tank.

    feature_15.jpg (45092 bytes)

    Rear implement hitch for rear-mounted tool is standard. High leverage ratio makes it easy to lift implement for travel . . . or to adjust its height to meet changing working conditions.

    feature_16.jpg (50752 bytes)


    Click each picture for a closer view.

    [Source: A-C Catalog, B-112 B-110 lawn and garden tractors, OPE-1047/681, 1968, courtesy of Dave Christensen]
    **[Source: Allis Chalmers Outdoor Power Equipment, Riding Tractors and Implements Product Information, OPE-1041, exact date unknown, courtesy of Del Allen.]


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