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    Power & Pleasure



    Shake off the shackles of yard-chore drudgery

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    Put a tractorful of power and pleasure into your life. Here™s lively tractor action that™s bound to change choretime to fun and ease. You'll have everybody in the family volunteering to do yard work that now you™d really rather do yourself. The peppy Synchro-Balanced 7-horsepower engine reduces vibration up to 80% and has the "take-charge" power to handle almost every job. The thick-padded,
    contoured seat, easy-to-reach controls, and effortless handling keep you comfortable and in complete command on every job.  

    The B-207 has a full set of quick-change attachments. œNo Scalp lawn rnowing . . . hauling, dozing, ton-a-minute snow removal. . . the B-207 moves through each without hesitation.

    b-207_cart.JPG (45008 bytes)
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    [Source:  Allis-Chalmers brochure, B-207 Lawn and Garden Tractor, OP 1057, 1968, courtesy of Bill Klein}

    Edited by Kent

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