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    Total Performance


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    The "no scalp" action of the B-207 mower keeps your lawn as smooth as a putting green. The patented tree-floating action of this 36-inch mower follows every ground contour. Three interchangeable blades are precisely arranged to give YOU an over-lapping cutting pattern.  No misses.  Performance is speedy. . . up to 1½ acres per hour action. 

    The quick acting governor assures immediate Power response to varying loads. You have fast, sure starting even in cold weather with the exclusive œEasy-Spin  starting system.  The ignition system is dust. . . sealed develops strong, hot spark even at low r.p.m. Add the 9½" extra-wide pneumatic rear tires, servicing convenience, economical operation and you have the tractor that's total performance all day, every day of the year.

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    207_blade.jpg (13095 bytes)

    207_snowthrower.jpg (16051 bytes)
    B-207 with Snow Blade B-207 with Snowthrower

    [Source:  Allis-Chalmers brochure, B-207 Lawn and Garden Tractor, OP 1057, 1968, courtesy of Bill Klein}

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