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    The BIG TEN tractor gives you important quality features not available with most other garden tractors . . . features that make lawn and garden work faster, easier and pleasanter, if not outright fun! Here are some reasons you'll like the BIG TEN best:

    comfortable riding on a roomy, thick, foam rubber padded seat, backrest and armrests.

    big, 23 x 8.50 - 12" cushion traction tires grip the ground, especially in mud or on ice. They're light tracking, and easier on lawns.

    full power traction drive helps you keep going when the going's tough. If one wheel spins in ice, snow or mud, the other takes over to keep you moving. Helps you turn smoothly, too.

    quality-built and guaranteed by one of the most experienced and trusted names in the industry Allis-Chalmers.

    easy-to-see fuel gauge on the gas cap tells you when the tank's low.

    easy-to-fill tank is instantly accessible through a port in the hood. No need to remove or open hood.

    easy control of attachments - choose (1) the regular easy lift lever, (2) new, exclusive, optional dual lift lever that operates two implements at the same time, or (3) optional hydraulic power lift control that does the work for you.

    a complete line of attachments and accessories to do any job you have in mind.

    friendly, close-at-hand service from your trained, experienced Allis-Chalmers dealer.

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    rear_hitch.jpg (49736 bytes)

    fuel_gauge.jpg (30357 bytes)

    right_lift.jpg (32644 bytes)


    standard equipment
    • Four-cycle, 10 hp, Briggs & Stratton* air-cooled gasoline engine with "oil foam" air cleaner
    • 12-volt electric system
    • electric starter-generator magneto ignition
    • key ignition switch
    • push-button starting
    • controlled traction differential
    • three forward and one reverse speeds 
    • drawbar
    • foot-operated clutch and brake
    • foam-rubber seat, arm and backrests
    • footrest
    • fenders
    • implement lift system; 2 PTO centers
    • 4.80 x 8 (2-ply) front tires
    • 23 x 8.50 12" Terra Tire (2-ply) rear tires
    • hinged seat
    • removable hood; painted yellow.

    optional equipment

    • Dual rear wheels
    • speed reduction drive
    • hitch adapter
    • PTO center mount
    • front counterweight
    • rear counterweight
    • auxiliary weight
    • rear wheel weights
    • tire chains (8.00 x 12)
    • electric lights
    • dual lift control lever
    • chrome hub caps
    • Hi-Lo range pulley
    • hydraulic power lift system.

    SHIPPING WEIGHT (approx.) 685 lbs.

    *Trademark of Briggs and Stratton

    from the tractor people who make the BIG ONES


    [Source:  Allis-Chalmers Lawn and Garden brochure, Big New Style for the New Big Ten Tractor, Form  LG-143, June 1964, courtesy of Sam Erickson]

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