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    Vacuum Collector

    Used with rotary mowers and 1/2 ton dump cart. Eliminates hand raking by picking up clippings, leaves, etc. while you mow. The vacuum is attached to the tractor drawbar and PTO driven. A 10" vacuum impeller with 1/4" steel blades operates at 1000 RPM. Clippings are carried to the impeller by vacuum through an 8" tube attached to the mower exhaust. Air blast on the impeller outlet forces clippings through a 6" tube into a canvas cover supported by a frame into the dump cart. The canvas has a knapped finish to retain dust inside. Capacity of the cart with cover is 26 bushel. Clippings are compacted by the air blast.  Removable rear door.




    Big Tractor Styling!

    Big Tractor Features!

    Big Tractor Performance

    [Source:  AC Product Information (Dealer), Riding Tractors and Implements, OPE-1041, courtesy of Chris Geise]

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