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    8 hp scamp

    Here's unmatched maneuverability and power in a rugged riding mower.  New Shuttle Drive is standard equipment to give you the smoothest forward/reverse changes you've ever experienced. Fingertip handling lets you edge right up to gardens, shrubs and fences -- mow a 30" path to within ½ inch of obstacles. Low center of gravity for better stability and handling. No scalping.  Even a big comfortable seat to pamper you while you pamper your grass.

    5hp scamp

    This 5 hp beauty doesn't have to take a back seat to any riding mower because Allis-Chalmers equips it with most of the out front features of the 8 hp model. Shielded and baffled mower . . . key ignition system and control interlocks to prevent starting while transmission and mower are engaged . . . big 26" mower for smooth, non-scalp performance.  There's even a premium low tone muffler to take it easy on your ears while you take it easy on your lawn.

    Source:  Allis-Chalmers brochure, 12/72, YARDPOWER for the man who takes more pride in his lawn, OP-1134




















































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