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    720 Special


    Tom Carleton owns this nice Allis-Chalmers 720 Special.   He's asking for some help in understanding what makes this 720 so special.   Check the pictures and read his questions.... Do you know the answer?   I don't...

    Click each picture for a closer view


    Tom writes:

    I have a an AC720 with a decal on both sides of the hood that says "Special."   What does this denote different from other AC720 tractors?. My other AC720 does not have this decal and I sure can't find any difference between them.

    I measured them and compared the CCKB engines (19.5 Hp), They look, run and act the same, only the one has the "special" decal. I'm enclosing picture's so you can see for yourself. If you can figure it out I'd love to know the difference!





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