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    A Second Helping


    Here's a VERY sharp restored B-110 that's been in the same family since new, and is now reborn by someone who grew up using it...

    Click for a closer view



    Here are some photos of a project that I finished up this fall.   I'd like to thank you for your web site that gave me the resources to find all the parts that I thought I would never find in a million years.

    Well here's the story:

    My dad bought this B110 in 1968 and used it for about 10 years, then told my mother it was worn out and he needed to buy a new tractor.   He gave this one to my brother-in-law who "customized" it and it sat at his house for an additional 20 years.   Whenever my brother or I walked past it at family gatherings we just cringed, having grown up on it and spending a lot of summers cutting grass and using it around the house. Well my brother-in-law and sister split up two years ago, so I asked her what she was going to do with it and she said "if you want it, take it!"   So, after two years and a lot of work and searching this is the finished results.   I am hoping to have one of my sons drive this tractor in our local parade this summer.

    Thanks again,
    Wayne Whiting

    After two years...

    Click each picture for a closer view



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