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    Back from the brink


    This tractor is very impressive -- but much more so, once you read its story...

    Click each picture for a closer view

    Here are some pictures of my B-212. I bought this tractor for 50 dollars for a parts tractor.

    It had been in a barn for about 5 or  6 years. Junk had been piled on top of it and it was almost destroyed. The side panel on the battery side was eaten away by a battery that had frozen and the acid had ate about 3 inches of the side panel. All the wiring was gone. The steering wheel was broken, the tires were all flat, I  was just going to use it for parts.

    When I took it all apart I thought maybe I could fix it. I completely sandblasted everything down to bare metal. Welded a piece in the side panel and did little body work. (It helps when my son is in the auto body business.) Painted everything with two coats zinc chromate primer,   then two coats Allis Chalmers yellow, then 3 coats of clearcoat. Did a professional auto body buffing job on the finished parts. When put it back together used all stainless steel bolts and nuts.

    I know the headlights are not of the style that came with it, but the original lights were smashed so I used the auto halogen light kit. Really bright. The throttle control is from a 7000 series Simplicity and works much better that the old pull and twist cable.

    When I finally got it running, it really runs great. (No smoke) It came with just a 48 inch mower deck but the attachments from my 3112V will work on it just fine.

    After saving this old jewel I am looking forward to getting another project AC or Simplicity. As someone on Tractor site said, "You can't have too many tractors."

    Lawn McCormack



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