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    Big, Bad B-207


    Check this out for customization.   Can you imagine how a 12HP performs in this small package?

    wj_b2074.JPG (68940 bytes)

    wj_B2071.jpg (56979 bytes)

    wj_b2073.JPG (61273 bytes)

    wj_b2072.JPG (52997 bytes)

    Click each picture for a closer view.

    This is my Allis-Chalmers B-207.   My dad bought this for me about 4 years ago.   He was out looking for equipment with his boss.   He looked under a tarp and asked how much he wanted for it.   The guy wanted about $200 but my dad got him down to $100 Canadian:)   He brought it home and I was so happy to see it!   It was my second tractor but it was my first Allis-Chalmers.   I worked it for a few years before I decided to give it a nice paint job.   This was a first for me.   After about month of sanding and priming it, it was ready to paint.   My grandpa helped me paint it.   I put it all together and it looked really good.   Awhile later my dads friend gave me a 12hp B&S engine so I decided to put it in.   After moving a few things I fit the engine in, but I had a small problem, I didn't have anywhere to put a battery.   So I made up the box in the front.   Once I got the engine and battery going.   I decided to keep going and have some more fun with it.   I put bigger rear tires on it, two running lights under the battery box, and I found some head lights that would work really well on it.   I put two toggle switches that light up (orange and yellow ones!) on the dash and a little red light beside the key to tell you everything is ok before you start.   I also made the trail behind it.  

    Oh, by the way I am 16 years old and I have 7 tractors (3 Allis-Chalmers) and I have made 3 dump trailers (which I sell) and have many other implements.   I have 15 lawns that I cut during the summer months to pay for parts and I made more then enough to buy a car to!

    William Jordan

    Here are some newer pictures of my Allis-Chalmers B-207. I bought the seat frame from a fellow club member and my mom made up the cushions on it. They look just like the original ones.   I also added the Bumble Bee logo on the top of my battery box and I also put a Allis logo on the front, as you can see. These pictures were taken at the Paris Ontario Historical Show. My uncle Skip, who collects the green stuff... was in the show building, so I had to take my nice little B-207 through to show them what a real tractor was.   LOL. Then for some reason... every time I saw him, he was pushing the Deeres around. So I asked him, are all Deeres like that?   He called me a "little s**t."   I have a JD 70 and blew the engine (green stuff is junk :P) and I always have to push the darn thing! LOL. So I guess all Deeres are alike.

    William Jordan (Tractor Guy)





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