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    Big Ten Deluxe


    I thought I'd share these pictures of my Big Ten as I was getting ready to load up for the club's New England get-together, in conjunction with the 14th Annual Connecticut Yankee Tractor Fall Show and Pull at Brooklyn, CT.   My wife was teasing me as I proudly took these pictures, but as I told her, since this is a working tractor, this is likely the cleanest it will ever be.... I'm working on a separate story of the restoration.  

    First, let me explain that there is no such thing as a "Deluxe" model B-series tractor (AC first used that term with the 300-series).   But, because this one has two of the most desirable options (hydraulic lift and hi-low transmission pulley) and will soon have a third (right-hand lift), it certainly seems appropriate to me....   I got the idea when I tilled a "Deluxe" script emblem (see below) up out of my garden this spring.   Also, note that it has some "non-original options."     These include:   the "compact tractor" headlights; this particular toolbox (purchased on eBay) which came off an unknown farm tractor; the two additional small weights in front of the "donut" came from an old barbell set that I found at the "dump"; and. of course the Tennessee Volunteers "Power T" license plate.   The Allis-Chalmers logo on my cart is also not the correct original.   It is another eBay bargain, that I thought would work well.   However, this Allis-Chalmers cart was originally white, without a logo.   As you can see, since this is a tractor to use and enjoy, I'm not a stickler for "correct" details.

    Hope you enjoy it as much as I am....


    Click each picture for a closer view





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