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    Christmas Stocking


    Hi Kent,

    First and foremost I'd like to thank you for a wonderful website. The reason that I am writing you is to show what you and others on the site have inspired. My uncle was always a Simplicity man and I reached this site through him. As I began to browse the pages I noticed my Dad's first tractor he had when we were growing up, a B-207. Well I got to thinking -- dads are tough to shop for at Christmas and usually end up with a sweater that is appreciated but not always of great use. I talked to my brother and sister (and my wife) to see if they wanted to chip in to get him something special and all agreed. I set forth to restore one of these old gems and with special thanks to Bill Klein, Wally Becker, Mark Schmidt, and Luke Olsen, all of whom are very helpful and contributed parts to achieve my restoration. Also without the help of the site and its endless array of info. I would not be sending this letter to you today. I've included some before and after photos of the tractor for you to look at and if you choose you can include them in your Gallery. I enjoyed working on this tractor and I know my Dad will enjoy using it. Thanks again for having such a great site and Happy Holidays.

    Todd Darling
    December 7, 2001


    Click for a closer view

    In pieces

    Click each picture for a closer view

    Ready for the Christmas Stocking




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