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    Grandfather's Big Ten


      Here is the story of my Allis Chalmers Big Ten. My grandfather bought the tractor brand new in 1966. He used the tractor to take care of the local church cemetery. It was used hard every winter plowing snow and every summer cutting grass, all of my uncles can confirm this. As they were growing up my grandfather would take them to the cemetery and introduced them to the meaning of hard work. After being retired from the cemetery the tractor ended up at my Uncle Tom™s house in 1979. He was building a new home and used the tractor to do all the landscaping around the place. He used the tractor for several years around the house plowing snow and cutting the grass. Sometime in the mid-80™s the tractor was run for the last time and was parked in the garage. During the summer of 2000, my brother needed a tractor to move some dirt around his house. So for $50.00 he had the carburetor rebuilt and put a new battery in it and it ran like a champ. My brother had no place to store the tractor when he was done. So rather than leave it outside to rust away, I brought it to New Jersey and gave it a little TLC. Four generations of our family have driven this tractor and I™m hoping several more will have the pleasure. Thank you to all the members of this club, without your help I don™t think I would have been brave enough to take on this project.

                                                                                                Thank You,
                                                                                              Gene Murphy


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    Gene Murphy says:

    My name is Gene Murphy (murph).   I'm new to the site and can't believe all the great info here.   I'm restoring my Grandfather's 1966 Big Ten.   I have some photos to show what I've got done so far and I have a question for you.   I'm wondering if you might have an idea  how much the tractor would be worth when I get it all done?   I have no intention of selling but I am curious. Thanks again for the great site.   You're right, these old tractors are addictive!

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