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Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors

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    Chad provided this update on 7/7/02:

    Please add a picture of my newly restored Simplicity lawn cart to the Gallery.   I had the cart sandblasted, then I sanded it down, primed it, and had my brother-in-law paint it for me.   I am happy with the restoration and feel like a kid now...


    Chad provided this update on 3/15/02:

    Click each picture for a closer view

    I just bought a Simplicity lawn cart today.   I bought it from club member Mike Ward from Cincinnati Ohio. It was worth the  1 hr and 1/2 drive to get it. I have been looking for one of these lawn carts for about 10 yrs and thanks to you Kent for having this great website, or I never would have found it. I wanted to know if you would please add it to my old and new pictures in club  gallery   Thank you also to Mike Ward  for letting me know about your lawn cart for sale.   Kent,  one  other thing I want to say is it amazes me how much of this old stuff is out there to be bought.   I feel like a kid all over again because I have wanted one of these  lawn carts since i started collecting Allis-Chalmers stuff at a young age. Thank you to everyone who has answered my questions on the lawn cart.   I will send pictures of it when it is restored. The cart is in excellent condition. All I have to do is have it sandblasted and painted and find a Simplicity decal for the tailgate and it will be like new.    


    Check out Chad Shafer's newest toy, an Agco 918, plus the sharp B-10 he used to own....

    Click each picture for a closer view.

    cs_b10.jpg (17202 bytes)

    CS_AGCO918.jpg (13621 bytes)


    Here are pictures of my 1999 AGCO -ALLIS 918   -- my pride and joy!   And, my Allis Chalmers B-10 that I no longer own.   Please ad to the Gallery.

    Thank you very much.

    Chad Shafer
    a.k.a. AGCO 918




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