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    Pristine 720


    "Clean" isn't adequate to describe the condition of John Ghindea's restored 720, so I chose "pristine" instead.   Check out the much larger picture just to see what I mean...  

    Click the picture for a closer view, and read John's comments below.   Don't miss the additional photos and details at the bottom of the page.

    JR_720.jpg (112336 bytes)

    I will only send you one to see how it comes out. I have quite a few showing the progress from the frame up and from different angles. I will wait to see how many you want to  receive before I send more. Then you can put them all together as you see fit. The original photos are from a throw away Kodak camera to a Konica Picture Show CD-ROM and sent from one of my files. The Club would be interested to see the steps on the way to the finished product. I am anxious to get them to you.                                                                                                 Thanks,       John
    I will give you a brief history of the tractor:
    The tractor was purchased from a guy in Tennessee. He owned it for 10 years and after running it for 2 years he decided to tear it down to restore it. Well like so many of us he lost interest after removing most of the parts and left them laying in boxes, engine out and apart. Essentially most missing parts were able to be purchased or made. With the expert advice and expertise of JeffG putting it together it was running after two full days of work. Thanks to Bill at Sandy Lake Implement for helping get those hard to get pieces. After making sure it ran, I took it down to the frame and rebuilt and added new parts that were missing. Steering, levers, engine gaskets and parts,  new heat shield and battery cover, yards of rewiring to bring it back to original, belts, removed rusted items, took fluid out of the rear tires, repainted inside and out, rebuilt seat, wheel bearings and king pins replaced, and the normal things like plugs, points and filters. The winter project was enjoyable and the tractor turned out better then expected. JeffG came down and fine tuned it for me and it purrs like a kitten. The mower deck is started on and I will get to it later this summer as I am going to do some traveling. I hope every one enjoys the pictures.              
                                                                                                                                  Thanks again,     John

    Click each picture for a closer view

    As promised I am forwarding the pictures of my restored 720 Allis Chalmers. Please install in the Gallery for me. I will list a few of the things I have done to complete the restoration:

                1.       I have completely restored the front blade.
                2.       The mower deck was completely overhauled with new rollers, belts and spring. New decals were added.
                3.       Added hood vents to relieve some of the heat from the muffler. Hot air pours out of the openings.
                4.       Installed insulation under the hood around the muffler area to protect the hood from excessive heat from the muffler.
                5.       Installed a small horn under the dash and a horn switch on the front dash panel.
                6.       Added in line fuses to all of the lights and horn.
                7.       Installed a main circuit breaker right behind the gas tank for easy access.
                8.       Added identification tags at wire termination points through out the tractor.
                9.       Installed an oil pressure gauge to replace the oil light for better monitoring of the oil pressure.
              10.   Added internal lights in the oil pressure gauge and ammeter gauge to enable you to see when it is dark.
              11.      Added a rear light on the rear fender and a switch on the dash.
              12.       All new decals through out.
              13.       Complete down to the frame cleaning and painting.
              14.       Most of the bolts were replaced with plated bolts and hardware. Spring clips new.
              15.       Rewired safety start switches back in.      
               16.       Replaced oils and plugs and all filters.
               17.       Added corner braces to the 3 point hitch to eliminate left to right sway.
    I am sure I forgot some of the things I did but as you can see it turned out pristine!   Also if you will note on the front grille this tractor was done to perfection! I did a lot of research to maintain originality and only made changes to improve it's performance. I hope that you enjoyed the brief description and enjoy the pictures.  
                                                                                  Club member #2001
                                                                                  John L. Ghindea  



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