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    Think About It


    Check out William Jorden's B-112 and how long he had to think about buying it!

    Click each picture for a closer view

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    112frontwithlights2.JPG (21824 bytes)

    These are some pictures of my Allis-Chalmers B-112.   I bought the tractor and the blade in the fall of 2000 for $250 Canadian!   My parents have a friend that works at a local Ford/New Holland dear.   They were talking to him and mentioned that I collected old Allis-Chalmer tractors.   He told them that he had bought one from  a farmer but hadn't picked it up yet.   As soon they told me that I was on the phone to him, in a blink of an eye!   A couple weeks later he showed up with a trailer with it on it.   We looked at it and he said to think about it.   Oh I did for about  10 seconds!  After that  I was pushing  it off the trailer!   My neighbor across the street said that  I could use his  garage for the week since  he was leaving!   He's the nicest guy  I know!   The only problem was that the  exhaust  valve was seized  up because it had been sitting for a few years, but that was it.   I poured some tranny fluid on it and tapped it a bit and freed it up!   During the winter I put  a set  chains on and made up some light mounts for it.   Now all I have to do is paint it, which is this summers project along with painting my 912H.

    William Jordan




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