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    Two B-110's


    Read how Geoff Rack came to own a pair of B-110's and a rare L-10 loader.

    I bought this machine for $100.00 about 2 years ago.   It came in the back of a truck in boxes.   I bought it for spare parts for my first B-110.   I started looking at all the parts and suddenly realized I had enough for a complete machine.   The restoration began. The engine had a loud rod knock so that came apart first. I went to the local tractor shop with the model number of the engine.   He gave me part prices on rod and crank, then he showed me in the corner of the shop an original engine he rebuilt for a customer that never picked it up. $300.00 later I had a extra engine. Then I started the cleaning and painting   The machine was in very good shape, the deck was like new and the plow was not bad either.  

    This spring a friend found the loader in his uncle's backyard, had been there for years.   After a lot of sanding and painting and a rebuild on the pump,   the unit works great.   This machine is for my 11 year old son who helped a great deal on this project.   So, now we each have a machine to plow with in the winter.   My wife thinks we are both crazy, but we have a lot of fun with them. My first machine I have had for about 18 years and has served me well.   I still use both to cut grass or plow snow.   The loader is a L10.   I am also enclosing picture of my other machine.   Thanks again,
    Geoff Rack  

    I'd be proud to own either one, Geoff, but two -- I'm plain jealous!!!! Kent




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