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           "Finally the time came to start putting it all back together. This, I found, is the most rewarding part of the restoration process. First the frame was bolted back onto the transaxle and the front axle was installed next. The wheels were bolted on and then the engine to the frame. We were now ready for the inner framework and the tin.

            "Decal placement had me a little nervous as I had never applied vinyl stick-on decals before. After checking around I learned that it is best to wet the area with a light soapy solution first. I applied masking tape as a guide at the edge of where I wanted to place the decals. A couple of drops of liquid hand soap in warm water spread over the area and I was ready to go with the first decal. It went on perfect!   I found that when I did get a decal off just a little, I was able to lift it slightly and reposition it. This would have been impossible to do without the solution. After gently rubbing out the decal the piece was ready to go. I applied all of the decals before assembly as I found it easier to align them without standing on your head afterward. The decals were purchased from Wells' Implement of Plymouth, NE. Mark Wells is a great guy to deal with and was very helpful.

            "The assembly went well. I had to be very careful with the chrome bolts to not scratch or crack the plating. I found that using a piece of rag between the bolt and wrench works well.

            "There was a pin hole in the fuel tank that I brazed in after flushing thoroughly with water.   I then coated the inside of the tank with a coating that I found at the local Harley Davidson shop. The tank had some interior rust and after the coating process it was as good as new. Actually better!

            "I reused the wiring harness as it was in excellent condition. One problem I had, though, was finding a new OEM ignition switch. The original one had quit working some years back and for a while I was using a generic toggle switch. My friend, Jim Hanna, from Rochester, NY came up with one for me. That was greatly appreciated! Jim has a B 110 of the same year as mine.




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