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Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors

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    HappyJack's Inspiration


    What this site is all about... read Sam Ericson's story of this Homelite T-15...

    This is the project I started back in April that has taken till now here in August to get done. Usually it only takes two weeks, but I have had lots of other pressing things going on this time.  When I first saw your posting of Jack Lindstrom's outfit on the discussion page I was intrigued by the design. As it happened two weeks later I happened across this T-15 at a consignment sale. Bought it for $100 with 42" snowblower and Deck idler group but no deck. It had been sitting out for some time and was a mess.

    Got to talking to HappyJack about these and made a good friend there. As I got it torn completely down to the frame I found that there was very little actual wear to the parts on this machine. The only thing I found wrong was the valves were stuck from sitting and the differential was completely gone. The Hub was just sitting on the shaft.   Anyhow, I repainted each piece and put it all back together, replaced the differential and went ahead and put a "New" 16HP I/C engine in it.   (I picked that up along with a 8HP at a sale for $175- a steal!   The 16 had been dropped out of the crate and one leg broke off the pan, while the 8hp was missing the recoil- neither a real problem. Besides I sold the 8 for $100 leaving $75 in the 16. Its nice having a hobby that pays for itself!)

    Click each picture for a closer view

    This tractor is a 1972 model built by Allis Chalmers for Homelite to Homelite specs. These were made from 1971-1974. These tractors are based on the AC B-210 frame with a Homelite only front end and footrests. The steering is from the B-210 while the Bevel gearbox, transmission, brake pedal, steering wheel, and seat deck are all from the Simplicity 3300 series. The front of the hood is also similar to the 3300 series except the grille pattern is different and it is turned upside down in relation to Simplicity. The rest of the Hood is Homelite only as is the instrument and side panels. Its kinda a mixed breed or missing link so to speak. Makes it unique.

     It is equipped with a power lift, an electric clutch, lights front and rear, and a Hydrostatic transmission. I lucked out on the old Vickers, the only leak is in the brake shaft seal.    Check out the dash decal, I had that made locally. Its not quite as dark a woodgrain but it works, and I can have more made up if needed at about $38 ea. I also had the other decals made up too and they are also available.  The tiller is a Simplicity unit. I had to replace parts of the rear hitch frame with Simplicity parts, as the Homelite is set about 7/8" wider than Simplicity. This done on purpose so you could not interchange brands of implements. I assume part of the rules of the government breakup of Simplicity/AC. I also used a Simplicity lift and had to scratch build the lift mechanisms that goes inside the frame. (I give HappyJack a BIG THANKS
    for providing a original installation sheet to go off of.)

    Click each picture for a closer view

    I added a hinged seat base with springs for a better ride. I also added a sun canopy that I have had sitting around here. This thing runs great with that 16 I/C   in it. The tiller chews the dirt right up into powder. These AC built Homelites are built heavier than either the Simplicity or the AC of the same period and even since then. I feel it they were a highly overlooked machine that never got the credit due them. At least they can be remembered and appreciated on Simple trACtors into the future.

    One other notation. The center and front implement mounts are also spaced 7/8" wider than Simplicity, BUT, they are also over 1" higher off the ground. This means that a adaptor can be built to pin into the tractor so one can use stock Simplicity Implements, like a snowblade or grader blade.   This I will be working on over the winter. I also have a notion to adapt a electric clutch to the bevel gear box shaft. This would allow me to use a Simplicity deck and PTO idler group from a 3400 or 7000 series on it. Another winter project.

    Thanks to all for making this site a great place to be,


    Click each picture for a closer view



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