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    Homelite T-12


      Jack has provided new pictures with his beautiful T-12 -- moving snow and mowing... Check out the "Snow Hawg" front tires that he uses.   They come on snowblowers, but Jack certainly raves about them for both summer and winter use... Also check out the rear snow blade that he fabricated.

    Click each picture for a closer view

    jl_snow_hawg.jpg (19938 bytes)

    jl_t12_rearblade.jpg (37148 bytes)

    jl_t12_mowing1.jpg (48213 bytes)

    jl_t12_mowing2.jpg (55956 bytes)

    I don't know if you know what the Snow Hawg's look like so I sent a picture of one. The size for my Homelite is 16X650x8 and as you can tell they are quite a bit wider then the size tire used on the Landlords. This is the tire that I have been using on my Landlord for just over  3 -4 seasons now and since I put them on my Landlord the difference was night and day. The new tires are about 1-1/2 wider and this allows for more bite from the tread design. I haven't been up to installing them yet but maybe this weekend. Also enclosed a picture of a rear plow that I made with an older Broadmoor plow and I used the newer style sleeve hitch to mount it on. It works great and I have more pictures showing just how simple it was to do as far as mounting it. But there is some welding involved but it sure was worth it. I have one for my Landlord also. This setup is perfect for up to about 5" of snow and is great for hard to get at area's such as sidewalks and backing up close to garage doors and other area's. It took a little figuring out just what angle was best for my needs as far as the plow being tilted back more then a plow pushing snow as I needed the write angle so that the blade would pull more snow without it spilling out the ends so much. It also will turn left or write. Well now all I really have to do to it is paint it something other then orange as it sticks out like a sore thumb. I just thought you might be interested in these things.  

    Take care!
    Your friend  

    I've been waiting a long time to add these -- Jack Lindstrom is one of the original club members, and has done an super job restoring this Homelite T-12 that his grandson affectionately nicknamed "Bear."     I might also have to agree with the opinions voiced by his neighbors, in the last paragraph . . .

    Click each picture for a closer view.

    Homelite resize.jpg (79566 bytes)

    Homelite-1.jpg (55351 bytes)

    This tractor is a one owner that Mark (University Lawn Equipment) took in on trade and is  a 1971 Homelite T-12 which is all original except the engine and trans had been rebuilt.   I originally bought it as a parts tractor for  $250 but once I got it home and drove it my mind was made up  that this was going to be my pride and joy.  It was one of 2 years being 1970 & 1971 that AC built them in there own factory and I find it to be a very well built and interesting tractor having both Simplicity and AC parts used to build it along with a few changes that Homelite wanted added. Such as the hood -- the decals are actually die cast chrome metal that was painted, not just the plastic decals of the others. Size-wise it is a large frame tractor being just 2-3/4" shorter then the latest Sovereign but other then that it is the same size as the Sovereign.   I still have the original headlights but they need to either be replaced or some work restoring them.   It took me a year in my condition to get it done but it was well worth it to me.   I wanted to get some pictures of it with the deck on but the weather just changed to quick on me but it also has the shallow deck of the 400 series AC which is in like new condition also.   How can ya go wrong with a tractor that has the best of 2 worlds from the Simplicity and the AC, so would that make it a cousin to them or what?

    Click each picture for a closer view.

    Homelite-drive-1.jpg (45853 bytes)

    Homelite-driv-2.jpg (43585 bytes)

    The paint job color wise is off on my tractor also as I didn't try all that hard to match the original one.   The color of blue on the emblems is the correct color with a little more green to it. The newer Homelites that Simplicity made are closer to the color of mine.   Also, mine was painted white and it should be a slight off white but then again I just plain liked this color better so it was also just a personal thing and I didn't plan on it being a show tractor but one to be used as you can see.   I have a 16hp Briggs that I can put on if needed but the 12 hp really seems to have all the power I need for now. The 48" mower deck does not really bother the 12 hp either unless in really deep wet grass.   Besides, I have a new Broadmoor that my kids bought be for use at the chore of mowing the lawns...   The new Broadmoor has a single 16 on it and it really does a  great job of doing most anything, but lacks the weight of the larger tractors for pushing the snow. The new single cylinder engines are so smooth compared to the older ones, but give me a cast iron engine any day over the alloy ones.   But, if it can get traction it will really push the snow really good.   I have a picture of it and my Homelite also that for fun I will send it along. I only wish it was one of my old Landlord and the new Broadmoor instead of the Homelite.  

    Click each picture for a closer view.

    happyjack-Broadmoore.jpg (64000 bytes)

    Homelite-ft-b.jpg (31103 bytes)

    Homelite-r-b.jpg (35692 bytes)

    Homelite-r-bb.jpg (55986 bytes)

    The last 3 were taken of me plowing a trail back to my shed.   Oh, if only I had my blower on my Landlord ... "Yeah!" --   then I could just hit something else, Ha Ha. [Jack hit a "buried, frozen newspaper" and did some serious damage to his snowthrower.... Kent] These 2 were of me plowing our driveway for the 3rd time just trying to get that darn white stuff put in its place.   This is where I was playing with my Broadmoor as I had just gotten the plow hitch for it it had been on back order.   That little Broadmoor really pushes the snow but really it does take something like the Landlord or the Homelite size tractor for the deeper stuff with taller tires.   But the blade on the Broadmoor is just the right size for it and that's the ticket here as to how anything will do its job well.   It just plain gets into those tight places,   something like the 728 that I had.   I thought of putting the blade on the Homelite just to see what a 40" blade would do compared to the 46".   You should see the neighbors just either stare at the Homelite or they stop me and ask where did I buy my new Blue and White tractor.   Then, when I tell them its 30 years old, they proceed to say well I never heard of Homelite -- I brought to the one mans attention that he  happens to own a Homelite chainsaw and leaf blower, and his lower chaw just dropped.   Then he said, "Well where can I get a new one?"

    A couple of ladies (that I do their driveway for) have said that's the prettiest tractor they have ever seen.   Geez, maybe I should of painted it Simplicity orange like a guy did that had his Homelite in for service at Mark's place with blue paint showing where the orange paint is coming off . . . Ha!   Sure is fun owning these fine ole tractors isn't it . . .  

    Here I go rattling on, so off I go ...

    Your friend,

    Jack Lindstrom,  
    aka >>>happyjack<<<




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