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    Check out this Homelite t


    Check out this Homelite that's getting a "new lease on life" in the UK . . .

    Here is a photograph of my Homelite T7 for your gallery. I bought it during April 00 and the previous owner had neglected it by mowing a rough orchard and keeping it outside and unused during all weathers.   I soon found out that many parts (nuts and bolts   mostly) had been replaced with ill fitting and inappropriate ones. By the looks of things, they were half way through repairing the ignition since the solenoid was not wired in or attached to anything.   Initially, I had to use jump leads from a car battery to get it going and this proved time consuming.  

    Before owning my T7, I would cut my Grandmother's one-acre lawn with a Suffolk Colt cylinder motor mower but it seemed to take forever as it has a 14-inch cut (so my T7 has made quite a difference).

    My father and I have been working on the T7 and have re-sprayed the bonnet taking care not to damage the original lettering (keeping with the white colour bonnet). The blade lifter was buckled and this took some straightening out. New belts were needed for the cutting blades and we were fortunate to obtain some from a factory which specializes in bearings and all related fittings. The steering mechanism had become very loose but was fortunately undamaged so a quick tightening of a few bolts did the trick.   We cleaned the carburettor's float and jets and replaced the petrol pipe and found a suitable battery from a car breakers yard for a small cost of £5.00. We still have to get a new exhaust as the existing one has blown apart, We need to re-spray the blue areas of the tractor and look further into a problem with the engine which seems to over-heat after half an hours use.

    My Homelite T7 was built during 1974 (in New York I believe). It has a seven-horse power Briggs and Stratton engine, 3 ten-inch cutting blades and I have a trailer for it. I haven't bought any other attachments for it yet as I am not sure what is available.    

    My father and I still have a lot to do to my T7. It is interesting that we have been able to use it throughout despite all the works required. We feel that this is testimony to its strength of build.

    I will let you know of our progress.

    Best Wishes,

    Andrew S




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