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Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors

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    StinKy & Freinds


    Dick Grant's '64 Landlord earned the nickname "StinKy" because it smoked, and the ensuing smell... But, it's reliability and quality earned Dick's deep respect -- he's now hooked like many of us.   Check out his tractors, and hear his "story."

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    New in my little stable (July 30) is Allis-Chalmers 314-D.   It is just plain dirty and needs good cleaning to bring it up to passable appearance. Needs deck work and   an  engine rebuild before I can put it to work. Would like to retain original seat with that nice Allis logo on its backside but the cushion is shot. Can anybody re-do an original seat?   Would appreciate any advice.

    Next is StinKy --the 64 Landlord that's responsible for me finding Simple trACtors and meeting all the fine people who make up this great club.   I've owned the Landlord for about 8 yrs.   Until I joined Simple trACtors, detailed repair information was sketchy at best, so trial and error mixed with a little common sense was the way I kept StinKy running. Recently fashioned a frame mounted front blade and will submit photos of the hook-up in the future. This is a working tractor so please allow for it's less than pristine appearance.

    Last is the 3210-V. Oh Boy, have I got my work cut out for me!! Currently it resides in a corner of my basement and yes there IS a complete tractor in that jumble of parts. This is the one I want to bring back to "cherry" condition...... well at least I've got one fine "before" photo!



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