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    101 at Work


    Click each of the pictures below to see an unusual close-up of Robert Greene using his 1966 Landlord 101, and read his story below.
    101_rg_1.jpg (45413 bytes) 101_rg_2.jpg (68134 bytes) 101_rg_3.jpg (52151 bytes)

    My Dad purchased this used (2nd owner) in about '69. Over the years, it's had several different attachments, including blower and cab, blade, roto-tiller and so on.    

    I use it mostly for the mower, and for general yard work with a home made 2 wheel trailer, and, as the photos show, cutting wood.   The cordwood saw is a Sears - I have no information about it (would like some!)     I cut about 5 cords a year - use wood as secondary heat here in Maine.  

    Tractor itself is in pretty good shape - deck needs some work on the belt tension idler. Seems it must be an early model - doesn't have a fancy spring arrangement - just a bolt thru the deck that is rusted in place.    

    The mower regularly cuts about 2-3 acres of uneven, rocky "Lawn".   Go thru blades at a pretty good clip - one set lasts about 2 years!   Have replaced one of the mower spindle hubs - probably due for another as part of a winter overhaul.  





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