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    4040 & Snow Plow


    Check out this great handiwork. . .   Click each picture for a closer view.

    jt_tractor1.jpg (31621 bytes) jt_tractor2.jpg (35434 bytes)
    jt_tractor3.jpg (36080 bytes) jt_tractor4.jpg (31109 bytes)
    jt_tractor5.jpg (33006 bytes)

    Hi Kent,

    I'm a fairly new member of this site and I thought the rest of the club might like to see what I made from scratch to fit my Simplicity 4040. Total investment was about $150, mainly paint and welding rod. I've got some pictures of a snow plow that I made in the summer of 99. I also made the chains for the rear tires and the weight platform on the rear.

    I only had to buy $40 worth of steel to make this and $50 worth of paint. It took me a while to figure out just how long to make the framework and the pivot points needed. I used the lift cables for the deck to raise and lower the blade. The blade itself is spring loaded so the nose can tilt up but can't drop down past level. The point of the blade measures 20" and the outside edges are 26". The overall cutting width of the blade is 62".   What do you think?

    Plus, if you could help, I am looking for an engine manual for an Onan 16.5 hp CCKA.   I really like this site because I'm becoming a Simplicity addict.   I really enjoy seeing what others have and getting some great ideas.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Jay Tranbarger




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