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    Serf 525


    Read Doug's story of his "find" in this original 1969 Serf . .

    This is a picture of my 1969 Serf 525.   I bought it in the summer ('99) here in CT.   We had a drought and I wasn't able to use it a lot. I did, however, use it every chance I was able to. The tractor has a 27 inch snow thrower and a 28 inch mower.   It starts on the second pull every time, if not the first.   It may be a small tractor but it mows well and is very reliable.   It is very suited for my average yard.   I feel lucky that my first tractor was a Simplicity.   I think its great. To my knowledge it is all original, but I'm not sure. I forgot to mention I only paid $135 for the tractor, deck and thrower. The chains I ordered, and I am patiently awaiting the arrival of my hitch (that I was able to find thanks to this site) so if we get any snow I will be able to blow it.

    My grandfather has a 66 AC B-10   -- I will send pictures. No that is not me on the tractor.   But, they sure like it.     I'll keep in touch.

    Doug Wenzloff

    Doug later sent these pictures to me, in early January 2001...

    dw_525-001f.jpg (33986 bytes)

    dw_525-002f.jpg (27881 bytes)

    Click each picture for a closer view

    "Please put these on the Gallery . . . Can you believe that that is a 5 horsepower engine going through that.   It is a full path that it is cutting through.   Please add these to show the power of Simplicity..."





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