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    Well, I finally picked up my Dad's Landlord and got it back here. I am attaching the photos I took of the event so you can add them to my photos of my 7016H. I am not too sure if I am going to try and restore this tractor or sell it for someone else to restore, but I left it open for discussion in the site forum. From what I have figured out, it is a 1966 model Landlord 2010.


    Click each picture for a closer view

    Click each picture for a closer view

    I recently joined your club as a Simplicity owner. When I was a young boy (I'm 30 now) I can remember mowing the lawn and tilling the garden on my father's old 11hp Landlord. Being a young boy on a piece of equipment exhilarated me... they were fond memories. Now I have my own home and my own family and I have been searching for a tractor that I can share with my sons, to watch them mow our 3 acres of lawn as I sit in the sun sipping on my drink...quite naturally I turned to Simplicity. In my travels I found this tractor being stored in the original owners shed. It is a '75 Sovereign 7016, 16 hp, hydrostatic drive, electric lift/pto with the snow cab, dozer blade, belly mower, rear tiller, and snowthrower. I am as happy as a clam to have this tractor... now if I can only convince my father to part with the old Landlord he STILL has!

    Gregg Jeanson



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