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    It'll Never Fly


    When Bjarni Henrikson sent these pictures of his 9HP Landlord in, he included this great line (referring to the first picture)...

    I haven't got it off the ground yet, I may just need a longer runway....

    Click each picture for a closer view

    When I asked for more info about his tractor, here's his reply:

    I bought that mower for $300 CAD, with the mower deck not  attached. It was being used as a snowplow in the winter in Calgary. The owner  did not want to part with the blade, but I was after the cutting deck anyways.  On the second day of running  the connecting rod snapped in half (after my first cut). After finding your site I was put on to SLI (Sandy Lake Implement) where I bought a used 23D obviously out off an Allis-Chalmers. It was cheaper, with the shipping, than all the parts and machining, to rebuild mine. Plus I have another project for next winter. I added my freshly rebuilt carb and old generator and it fired right up. The used engine had been converted to coil ignition but I had to relocate the mounting of the coil to clear the grill. I hope this winter to do a proper refreshing of the whole tractor including painting the engine and all of the orange. There was a stripe under the layers of paint on the hood but I don't think it was original. It barks now and then working up a hill but does not bog down even in thick brush.

    Best regards,

    Bjarni Henrikson



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