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    Landlord 101


    Stu Alexander's lovingly restored Landlord 101 -- a real work of art -- and a "one-family" tractor with a set of original attachments to only dream about.   Read his story and click each picture for a better look at this beautiful tractor!  

    Hi Kent,

    #2 rated tractor site?     Obviously there are people out there that have their priorities messed up.   We all know this is the #1 site!   I have finally gotten the technology together (I think) to send you a couple photos for the Gallery.

    My Landlord was purchased new by my father in 1967. It's apparently a '66 leftover.   It was used every week to cut 2 acres and then the vacuum would go on in the fall, and then the snowblower in the winter. So it was used pretty much year round.   When my parents moved into a smaller place in 1987, my sister, (who owns 18 acres in Vermont) took the tractor and all of the accessories to her place.

    In 1997 she decided to get a bigger (and newer ) tractor so I gave her a few bucks and brought everything to my house. The project had begun! So far I have only restored the tractor and deck. I have a tiller, plow, grader, vacuum, revitalizer, snowblower, and a rear mount McKissic sprayer. Someday I will get a sickle bar. Someday I'll restore all of the attachments but since this is my primary lawn and garden tractor, it may take a while.

    Keep up the great work,




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