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    This tractor belonged to my grandfather, and has had several owners prior to my acquisition.   He purchased the tractor new in 66 for use on his small farm.   He had used the machine so much that he had worn out his sickle bar and tiller attachments and purchased new ones, so I have two of each of these items (one of each in good condition and another to rob for parts).   After keeping the tractor for several years, my uncle gave it (along with all of the implements) to me.   I liked the tractor very much as a child and rode it all over the place, so that's why he made the decision to give it to me at the age of 15.   The implements and accessories included:   two tillers, two sickle bars, turning plow, cultivator/tool holder, disk harrow, parts from the original mower deck, rear wheel weights and front counterweight, can of simplicity touch up paint (circa 1966), and one box of brand new sickle bar knives.

    The tractor was in pretty bad shape, as it had sat outside in the weather for years, and would not run.   After several years of engine work (I'm 25 now) I have finally finished restoring it.   The tractor runs flawlessly now as I had replaced about everything in the motor before realizing all I needed to do in the first place was to repolarize the flywheel to work with a new electronic ignition.   After getting the tractor running well, I used it for a season in my garden and was also able to purchase a mower deck from a member of this club (sonnyboy) on ebay.   Last fall I took the tractor completely apart (wasn't even sure I'd remember how it went back together) and sanded the whole thing down.   I purchased the acrylic enamel paint from NAPA after finding an exact color match from my spray can of touch up paint (it is listed in NAPA's paint books as "oliver orange").   I can give the paint codes to anyone who is interested.   After priming and painting the whole thing, I am pretty pleased with the end product, and I'm sure grandpa would be too.

    The only thing left for me to do is to restore all of the implements.   If anyone needs any help or advice on restoration, copies of manuals, or implement and attachment literature.   Feel free to contact me.   I'm no expert (as you can see from the faults in my product), but I'd be glad to help in any way I could.  

    Brian S. Collins

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