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    Nice 101


    My name is Jonathan Schmitt I am from Carrot River Saskatchewan. I am 14 years old.  I have a 1963 Landlord 101. It has a 42 inch mower on it. It was in the bush at my neighbors house sitting. It has been there for ten years at least. I have always wanted it. Finally two years ago I decided I had the experience to fix it. I went and asked if he wanted to sell it and he gave it to me for free. Me and my brother pulled it home with the quad. The engine on it was seized so I bought an  engine from my uncle for 25 dollars and put it on myself.  I started her up and she was ready to go.  There was nothing else wrong with it so now I mow all the lawn at our place with it. I know that neighbor has the mulcher for it so   I am going to try  andt that from him. I am pretty sure the mulcher is down in the bush where the lawn mower was.
    Jonathan Schmitt

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