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    Attachments Page 2


    All Purpose Attachments for Squire Riding Tractor



    Versatile 2-Gang Disc Harrow     $40.50

    Pitch Adjustment to "Throw In" or "Throw Out"

    Spread Gangs for Cultivating over Crop Rows

    Rugged 36-in. Rotary Snow Thrower   $149.50  

    Quickly Removes Even Hard Crusted Snow

    Throws Snow in Any Direction Up to 20 Feet

    Leaves No High Banks to Start New Drifts  

    Big 42-in. Bulldozer Blade $33.50      

    Pushes Straight Ahead or to Either Side

    An Attachment That's Useful Year 'Round

    F.   A Handy Low Priced Attachment that You'll Find Many Uses For. The ideal implement to use for cutting up trash and to break up clods of dirt after plowing to help prepare deep and mellow seed beds.   Does deep penetration cultivating and hilling with gang set wide to straddle rows. Eight 12-in. diameter high carbon steel blades des are mounted on 36-in. tool bar. Gangs can be reversed or pitched for hilling without tools. Very good for working land around orchard trees, too. Must be used with Hitch Adapter Kit (89 FB 1538) sold at lower center of page. Shipped promptly from Stock by Freight or Truck. No Money Down ... $5 Monthly on Easy Terms.
    89 FB 1536 R - Ship. wt. 70 lbs. Cash $40.50

    Handy Trailer Cart   $72.00

    Heavy-Duty Trailer Cart. (shown on Page 68). 18-gauge steel box holds 7-cu. it. or 1000-lb. load. Measures 39x26x12 in. Removable tailgate 16-in. outer diameter pneumatic tires. Shipped promptly from Stock by Freight or Truck. No Money Down. $5 Monthly.  
    89 FB 1328 RX - Ship. wt. 120 lbs.. Cash $72.00

    G.   Powerful Unit Suited to Even the Deepest Snows Highest Drift.   Clears snows that would be impossible to move by other methods. Designed to take the rough treatment of 611 day, day-in-day-out me. Works well on walks, driveways, close quarters or open areas. Drift cutter bars knock down portions. of drifts that are beyond the reach of the auger, so they can be picked up. Features a 12-in. Diameter Revolving Steel Auger. As plow moves forward it revolves to chew into snow. breaks up hard areas and throws it out through 5-in. discharge spout. Spout swivel Is controlled front extended lever within &my reach of operator -- throws snow to left, right, forward or at any angle In between. Adjustable cap on spout to control distance of throw, up to 20 ft. away. Skid shoes raise and lower for working over gravel and other unpaved areas. Replaceable scraper blade. Shipped promptly from Stock by Freight or Truck.
    89 FB 1257R - Ship wt. 120 lbs. Cash $149.50

    25-lb. Counter Weight,. For front attachments (G), (H).  
    89 FB 126OR - Ship. wt 25 lbs  $8.00

    H.   Use to Clear Snow or for Light Grading and Leveling. - Does away with back straining shoveling of walks, driveways, parking lots, etc. Adjustable skids raise blade for waking over unpaved areas or unlevel ground. Clears 38-in. path when wt at an angle. Also does your earth moving chores ... handles loose dirt, gravel and crushed rock with speed and efficiency. Shipped by Freight or Truck. No Money Down. $5 Monthly.  
    89 FB 1261 R - Ship. wt. 56 lbs. Cash $33.50

    New 42-in. Grader Blade

    Reverse to Furnish 2 Cutting Edges
    Fall Half-Inch Thick Steel Blade

    J   Do Your Grading Quickly, Easily and Professionally. Angle to right or left as well as square with tractor. 1/2 in. thick high carbon steel blade can be reversed, giving you two beveled cutting edges. Efficiently levels and grades gravel, loose dirt, crushed rock and other such materials. Ideal for working on driveways and parking lots. Shipped from Stock by Freight or Truck.
    89 FB 1202R - Ship. wt. 45 lbs. Cash $27.50

    Battery and Charger

    K. Compact Standard 12. Volt Charger.   3 ampere charge rate, tapers down to 1-1/2 amperes. Red pilot lamp tells if charger its operating. With 6-ft. battery cords with'clips and 8-ft. AC outlet cord. UL Approved.  
    61 FB 6515   Wt. 4 lbs. 8 oz.   $8.95

    L.   Riverside Garden Tractor Battery. 12 Volts. Fits Squire, Lawn Trac and most other garden tractors, 7-3/4x 5-1/2 7-7/8 in.
    61FB6361 - Wt. 27 lb..  $22.95



    1,500 Watt Electric Generator   $140.00

    Makes Your Squire A Portable Power Plant
    Gives Power for Field or Emergency Use

    M.   A Must for Anyone Who Needs Power Away From the House.   Furnishes standard 110 volt, 60-cycle Alternating Current.   Produces 30 Amps to start. Has thermostatic overload protection.   Invaluable as an auxiliary power plant during "highline"' failure or as a portable unit for field use. Just drive the Squire to where the electric power is needed and start. working Drives chain and circular saws, drills, pumps, hedge trimmers; even floodlights and larger appliances such as milking machines. Has two receptacles for standard size plugs and voltmeter to show output. Shipped promptly from Factory near Milwaukee, Wis., allow extra transit time. You pay charges from shipping point.  
    89 FB 1615F - Ship. wt. 60 lbs.. Cash $140.00

    Compost Grinder   $79.50

    Turns Waste Materials Into Rich Compost
    Uses Same Principle an Commercial Maker

    N.   Have More Beautiful Flowers . . . Bigger and Better Vegetables. Mulches leaves, garbage, peat moss, soil, etc. into rich nutritious compost that will make your garden .thrive. Compost particles decompose rapidly to become natural soil building materials.     Attachment is completely portable . . . just drive up to where material is located.   Heavy duty heat treated steel cutting teeth shred waste, speed bacteria and fungus action.   9 cutting bars with 4 cutting sides are easily interchangeable, screen quickly. Shipped promptly from Factory near Milwaukee, Wis. You pay shipping charges from Factory. No Money Down - see Page 126.
    89 FB 1616F - Ship. wt. 125 lbs.  Cash $79.50


    [Source:   1962 Montgomery Ward & Company catalog, courtesy of Steve Johnson]

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