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    400 Series Adapters


    400 Series Adapters


    Changes from 1973 to 1974  

    The rear hitch assembly on the 400 series tractors (S/N 41001 and up) has been redesigned at two points . . . (1) the rear lift assembly, and (2) the drawbar draft arms. Also, because of the dimension differences between the mechanical and hydrostatic transmission cases, two adapter kits are available. Each is shipped complete as a drawbar and lift assembly.

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    1600384-1600385 Rear Hitch Adapters (below)

    Used with: 1600360 Vacuum Collector; 1600346 Rotary Tiller; 1600348 Spring Tooth Harrow; 1600349 Cultivator;

    To install on Tractors: 300 Series; 400 Series, prior to S/N 41001

    These new hitch adapters give you more sales opportunities for rear mounted equipment. Current 300 Series and 400 Series owners can now mount new and efficient attachments to their tractors.., broaden utility and application of the power unit. Display the hitch, could be the trigger that starts a sale . . .




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    1650137 - Lift Shaft Adapter   (on the left)

    Used with: 1600096 Rotary Tiller; 1600102 Lawn Revitalizer

    To install on Tractors: 400 Series, S/N 41001 and up

    Because the lift assembly is 1/8-inch smaller, the lift connecting rod mounted on the attachment is also resized. To mount in stock tillers and revitalizers to the 400 Series tractors (S/N 41001 and up) requires this new rod which replaces the one shipped with the attachment.

    1650138 - lift rod assembly (on the right)

    Used with: 1600098 Cultivator; 1600100 Spring Tooth Harrow

    To install on Tractors: 400 Series, S/N41001 and up

    This kit is a new attaching shaft which fits the 1/8-inch smaller rear lift on 400 Series tractors (S/N 41001 and up). The shaft packed with the attachment is eliminated and replaced by 1650138.  


    Source:   AC dealer information sheet, tractors and attachments usage guide, ADPT-4 and ADPT-5, date unknown, courtesy of Del Allen

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