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Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors

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    Rotary Sweepers

    Use it all year long for sweeping snow, clearing sand and debris off sidewalks and drives, thatching lawns, sweeping leaves, windrowing twigs and stones. Sweeping angle is 30 degrees to the right. Different sizes for Pow'r Max and Model 7000 Series tractors.


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    Vacuum Sweeper

    Powerful vacuum picks up grass clippings, leaves, twigs and litter, assures neat lawns and grounds. Must be used with cart and cover; 45 bushel holding capacity. Abrasion resistant, spiral wire reinforced 7 connecting tubes.

    "A" Frame Hitch Adapter

    This unit facilitates adapting sleeve-type hitch implements for use on Simplicity tractors equipped with Category- 0 3-point hitch. Required for a number of the allied attachments described in this

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    Lifting Forks

    Add fork lift versatility to your Simplicity tractor with this kit consisting of two adjustable, heavy fork bars and mounting brackets for attaching to 3-point œA frame hitch adapter.

    Flail Mower

    Use for mowing lawns, shredding weeds or mulching leaves. Knife-like flails have edgewise slicing action to cut cleanly with minimum power. Lightweight and free swinging to fold back on impact, minimize throwing struck objects. May be ganged for maximum efficiency.

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    [Source: Simplicity brochure, Allied Working Attachments For Regent, Broadmoor II, Landlord, Baron, Sovereign, and Pow'rMax Tractors, LIT-761201-15(B), courtesy of Carl Harcourt]

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