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Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors

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    Type Attaches to
    V-Tool Bar   -- Mfg. No. 1690110, 1690111 All 6200 Series & all 7100 Series Garden Tractors
    For vegetable gardens or field crops. Adjusts from 6 to 42; frame reversible for between-the-rows cultivation. One point (sleeve) hitch mounting. Spring shank model for rocky soils; rigid shank model for sandy soils.
    Garden Tool Kit

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    Attaches to all 6200 and 7100 Series Garden Tractors -- Mfg. No. 1690715
    Includes the following:
        10" Plow with coulter blade.
        5 Shank cultivator.
        8 Blade, 11 disc harrow.
        Common hitch and tool bar
    Versatile, economical  - turn sod or hard soil with plow, prepare seedbed with disc; cultivate plantings during growing season.
    Moldboard Plows

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    Size Attaches to
    8" & 10" Diameter -- Mfg. No. 1690394, 1690098 All 6200 Series & 7100 Series Garden Tractors
    Turns over soil covering, weeds and crop trash. Plows to 5" depth Coulter cuts thru sod or trash to provide clean furrow wall. One point (sleeve) hitch mounting.
    Simplicity Accessories
    For improved traction control
    For attachment control, lifting
    Accessory Attaches to Accessory Attaches to
    Wheel Weights All Tractors Lift Levers (For attachments other than mowers) All 4200, 5116 Lawn Tractors (standard on all other Tractors)
    Front Counterweight All Tractors except 7100 Series Garden Tractors
    Weight Box 4200, 5116, 6200 Lawn & Garden Tractors Dual Lift Lever (For simultaneous mounting of front & rear attachments) All 7100 Series Garden Tractors
    Chains All Tractors, all Walk-Behind Snowthrowers
    Agricultural Tires 6200, 7100 Series Garden Tractors Electric Lift   (Raises-lowers attachments with flip of switch) All 6200 Series & 7100 Series Garden Tractors
     For convenience, more enjoyment
    Accessory Attaches to  
    Hourmeter Attaches to   All Tractors  
    Hubcaps All Riding Products, 8 hp
    and larger
    Seat Suspension All Tractors (standard on some models)  
    Headlights All Tractors (standard on some models)  
    Rear Light All 7100 Series Garden
    Storage Cover All 3100 Series Rear Engine Riders

    [Source: Simplicity Attachments Catalog, 820713-10 AD-147]

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