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Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors

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    Simplicity Attachments

    The following attachments are designed and manufactured by Simplicity, specifically for each individual model or model series. Each attachment is designed with the same built-in performance, reliability, and durability as our riding mowers and garden tractors.

    Vacuum Collectors

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    Type Attaches to
    4 hp Engine Driven Model, Mfg. No. 1690226, 1690563 All 4200, 5116 Lawn Tractors, 6200 Series Garden Tractors
    PTO Driven Model, Mfg. No. 1690402, 1690503 7100 Series Garden Tractor
    Handles thicker, longer clippings plus larger leaves that would clog a non-powered catcher.
    6.5 cu. ft. dump cart and high sidewalls give 15 bushel capacity. Optional vacuum attachment available for hand vacuuming flower beds, under shrubs, fences, etc. 12 bushel frame-mounted collectors available for optimum maneuverability.
    Grass Catchers

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    Size Attaches to
    Mfg. No. 1690550, 551, 657
    All 3100 Series Riding Mowers; All 4200 Series &5116 (w/36 Mower) Lawn Tractors
    Narrow, low-profile design for close trimming, maneuverability. Efficient design bags grass with 2-blade mowers even under tough spring conditions. Lift-off cloth hamper of durable polyester material.

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    Tilling Width Attaches to
    30" -- Mfg. No. 1690393 All 6200 Series Garden Tractors
    36" -- Mfg. No. 1690039 All 7100 Series Garden Tractors
    38" Heavy Duty -- Mfg. No. 1690287 All 7100 Series Garden Tractors
    Reliable, easy-on, easy-off belt, driven design. Sealed, oil bath-lubricated chain and sprocket transmissions with ball and/or needle bearing construction. Up to 8 tilling depth depending upon model. Replaceable, heat-treated tines; optional extensions for 36" and 38" models.

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    Cutting Width Attaches to
    26" 3105 Rear Engine Rider
    30" 3108 Rear Engine Rider
    36" 3110 Rear Engine Rider, all 4200 Series & 5116 Lawn Tractors
    42" 5116 Lawn Tractor, all 6200 Series Garden Tractors, all 7100 Series Garden Tractors
    48" 6216, 6218, and 7100 Series Garden Tractors
    Full-floating anti-scalp design-Front axle-mounted and roller guided at rear to average-out ground irregularities. Deep housing and wide angle deflector for maximum uplift, good dispersion. Quick-hitch mounting.
    Snowplow/Dozer Blade

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    Cutting Width Attaches to
    42" -- Mfg. No. 1690085 All Tractors
    46" -- Mfg. No. 1690088 All 7100 Series Garden Tractors
    Heavy gauge, reinforced steel construction. Multi-position angling (42" - 3 positions; 46" -5 positions). Quick-hitch mounting. Easy to adjust down pressure, scraping height.

    [Source: Simplicity Attachments Catalog, 820713-10 AD-147]

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