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Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors

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    Father Nature says -- make the System work for you all year round.


    Simplicity Tractor-Matched Attachments.

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    1.   54" Cultivator.
    Simplicity's rear mounted cultivator breaks up soil to prepare ideal seed beds. Works throughout the summer to help with weed control. To let moisture get down to the roots, where it does the most good for growing plants.

    Effective width: 54"
    Overall width: 60™"
    Overall length including tractor: 123"
    Maximum crop clearance: 15"
    Number of shovels: 7.
    Shovel spacing @ maximum width: 8"
    Gage wheel size (adjustable): 3.50 x 4.00 Pneumatic.
    Standards: Single coil spring leaf.
    Shovels: Reversible double spear points.
    Frame (outer): Heavy duty channel construction.
    Frame (center): Arch construction to elbow mounting single row Cole planter.
    Weight (approximate): 185 pounds.


    2.   12" Moldboard Plow.
    For the soil that needs plowing, the Simplicity rear mounted moldboard plow. It cuts through trash to turn the soil over with a minimum of effort. Gage wheel and floating hitch maintain constant furrow depth.

    Effective width: 12"
    Gage wheel: Adjustable.
    Share: Replaceable.
    Coulter: 11" diameter.
    Hitching means: 3 Point Hitch.
    Weight (approximate): 112 pounds.



    3. 57" Sickle Bar.
    Tackles the heavy growth where you can't use an ordinary mower. Bar automatically angles up or down to cut above or below horizontal. Lifts to vertical for easy transportation. 'Break-back device protects blades on impact, recouples simply by reversing tractor.

    Effective width: 57"
    Slope mowing angle: Up 45° down 30°
    Cutter bar mounting: Easy reset, spring-loaded break away.
    Pitman bearing: Heavy duty rolling contact.
    Mower drive: V-Belt from front PTO through electric clutch.
    Speed reduction: 4 pinion planetary gear drive.
    Hitching means: Front axle hitch assembly with 2 pins.
    Weight (approximate): 205 pounds.

    [Source:   Simplicity brochure, The Simplicity System 9020, Form 41007, courtesy of Paul Kjorlie]

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